Adding Colour To Thursdays! :)

  HI Everyone! Hope everyone’s having a good week so far. It’s been balls of fun aside from usual work days.

Civic HOliday Monday meant me being off work which i loved!  I got to sleep in  spent some time with my husband before he went to the gym and then went off to work afterwards. Di came to visit later in the evening J We Had some Chinese food, watch my BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING, picked paint colors for her room that she’s planning on doing in the in the coming weeks and chatted and such J So it was such an awesome time! We love spending time with each other!  

Tuesday was basically Nothing just relaxing around the house as Isaiah was working. Belch!

 Isaiah and I attended the annual office pool party at my parent’s house after work on wednesday night. It was fun!!!  A great success for sure! The caterers that were used for our wedding were used for this party. So once again, fabulous food! We Chatted up with some agents & the “Sutton” girls, and got to play a bit with Jasmine (Tammy’s daughter)—can’t believe she’s so big now, and almost walking!! btw,  that day was also alan’s birthday… he turned 24!! hope you had a great birthday, alan!!! Hope to do something saturday with all of us!

Thursday aka tonite. We spontageously decided to go out  to White Oaks and did some shopping. Got some cool blue bras (he he, it was time to get some more bras and I don’t have any blue until now!) and a sexy black see through hoodie for the fall (had to get it and comfy too!) and some magazines, and b-day card for Dad (the gift was bought last weekend) and Isaiah got some things himself including a couple more b-day stuff for the guys.

Anyway, that’s all that’s new right now. We seem to be have a good weekend looking up for us too so that’s cool. You guys will have to wait a few more days for what else has been part of our craziness! 

have a good night, everyone! Sleep tight! Sweet Dreams! 

Love ya all,




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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