A Cool Splash Of Fun!!!

Hi Ya! 

Hope everyone’s long-weekend is chillin cool fun!!!!! We are enjoying it to the fullest too!!!! However, Wednesday night’s t-storm was like gunshots (sorry, I stole your word, Tammy!). It brought on lots of lightning, thundering, and raining.  Making me nervous only because Isaiah was working until 3 AM at Teletech and was hoping he’d be able to walk safe home.  I fell asleep eventually before he came home and so was at ease when he crawled into bed though.  Anyway..on to more of the end of the week’s news!

Thursday night, I got to hang out with Carol for a couple hours! It was a fun time! We went to Williams to hang out and chatted. Loved that!    

Friday, we got our AC back at work so that was awesome being able to work like normal again!

Nothing really special at night. Just spent the evening with my husband. Enjoying our company together J

Saturday turned out to be a long but fun day! Mom took us back to the house for noon. We went swimming; hot tubing; chatted with my parents; I made taco dip! (Got some more recipes from my mom as well), went to Rib fest, and came back after a bit and then was able to get the Lexus for the rest of the day/evening. We went shopping; got august b-day gifts for people and a new work shirt for me and got a belated gift for the kittens (a cat magnet thingy) we had a late dinner at Crabby Joe’s and then came home. Just relaxed, watched some movies and went to bed. We were really pooped out though!

Sunday is today.  Dylan got the car this morning. I didn’t care though. We don’t really need it anyway since we have to do some housework here.  I also want to say that today’s as according to 123greetings.com is Friendship Day.  A toast to all my girlfriends. I love you guys. Let’s celebrate our fab bond! I also just noticed that we’re at the halfway point of summer. Time really flies! Taste it to the last drop, people!


I look forward to sleepin’ in tomorrow too. It’s Civic Holiday so work’s closed for me. I don’t have to work so i’m celebratin’ LOL.  Isaiah has to work in the evening though, but at least I’ll have the day with him :D.

Anyway, thus what’s crazy so far! More boots will come aknockin’ in a few days. In the mean time, enjoy the gorgeous long weekend and get some tannin’! LOL


Hugs to all,






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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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