August 2006 Arrives Really Humid!!!!

Hi Peeps!

Welcome August 2006! It’s arrival became humid! The weather’s been too crazily hot!!!! All the more realization of global warming!  I’m here now to cool you off for the time being. Read on about the life juggles!

On Monday morning, I arose earlier than usual, and went to mom’s to get Alex. I had to drive him to WFC for this week’s hockey camp. I also left work early to pick him up and take him home.  I later checked on him.  For the rest of the evening, I was with my husband.  Late in the night,  parents arrived in Toronto from their Italy flight. They had spent their anniversary week on the cruise boat checking out rome, ittaly, spain, and other ports. I would love for Isaiah and I to go there sometime.  So much history and everything!

I once again was up early Tuesday morning to take Alex to hockey camp again.  I didn’t have to pick him up as Dad offered to get him.  I still had the car until after work. I did stop by my apartment to get my bikini and off I went to the ‘rents where I had  spent a few hours. I caught up with them with their trip and such, went swimming (oh the water got as warm as it was in the Dominican so I jumped right in and spent a while in there swimming and just enjoying’ myself and eventually kind of played ball with my dad for a bit).  We had a little surprise. My cousin Michelle was in town for a course, and was staying’ at Erica’s so she came over with Erica and her boyfriend to swim and hang out a bit. Michelle gave me a ride home (thanks sweetie!).  So wonderful to see you! So it’s been a great evening.  I feel so relaxed and cool. LOL. It’s crazy how the heat has gotten in London and all over the world. Global warming is really interesting fast.  

It’s now Wednesday..something special on this day… it’s Husky & Sherlock’s birthday! They’re finally one!!! Happy birthday, boys! (In cat years, they’re 7 now!). Wow, no longer babies. Aww.  On Oct 1st, it’ll be the actual one-year anniversary of us being “kitty” parents to those adorable animals! J Work was so hot all day! Our AC isn’t working so fan and belch.   Isaiah went into TD earlier this afternoon before going to his current job to do paper work to finalize his acceptance into his job. He found out his training hours that are during the day, which is good, and still Mon to Friday. So we’ll have our evenings back and the weekends as usual. Uber cool! Shifts switch every three weeeks regardless of training or not (same as his current job) but at this job, he won’t have to work past midnight for sure so that’s a bit easier 🙂


So that’s all that’s happened thus far this week. More craziness to follow in the next few days. Btw, we’re london bound now this weekend.  Toronto has been rescheduled for the 19th due to the unbelivable heat and wanting to be able to have more $$ for stuff still so but that’s okay 🙂 Enjoy your night! Psst… i’m still hung over on the sexy Jessica Simpson.  I cannot wait to get her new album w hich is out on the 29th.. and her album cover for what I’ve seen on the net is great, and the video is cool too LOL!

Peace & Love,  






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