Sunday’s Sprinkles Of Blessings! :)

Meow! Meow!


Hope everyone had a good end to their week and weekend. We have had a wonderful weekend! Things continue to look up for us 🙂


Thursday shouted that it is been     2 months married for us!!!! Can’t believe it! Pretty soon, our ½ mark (6 month anniv) will hit us in NOVEMBER (aka Sweet November) LOL.  We’re still in an amazing bliss!  Really, our entire relationship, we’ve never really gone out of the honeymoon phase, and we’re still on that cloud nine! 🙂  That night,  one of my best guy friends since 2000, Marky and I picked Sept 30 as our tentative day to hang out.  I can’t believe it’s been 6 years since we met!  (the friendship anniv was on July 28).  However, we only hang out every few months since we’re LDR (he lives in Cambridge–he did live in London when we met 6 years ago) and we’re both pretty busy with our own lives with our jobs, our significant others and what not.  Marky was at my wedding in May with his fiance which was awesome!  I have this awesome pic of us together taken at the wedding.  Marky gets his turn to get married which happens next October (2007). Can’t wait for that special day!  So Sept 30 should be a fun day!


Friday took a new leap! Isaiah and I found out that Isaiah got the job for TD Waterhouse. (he had the interview last week) He starts there officially August 21 (and ironically that’s Jill and Bill’s 7 year wedding anniversary—wed back in August 1999)! We’re thrilled with this new career. It’ll be great. We don’t know if it’ll be for a lifetime but we know he’ll have this at least for a few years. We may be pregnant while he’s still working there. WHO KNOWS! LOL.  It’ll be definitely better than his current job that’s for sure! Isaiah can finally say good-bye to Teletech where he’s been since July 2003 (3 years as of today).  God was definitely looking down on us especially for Isaiah on that day!!!  Later,  I hung out with my best friend, Carol which was balls of fun!  We got to hang out from like 6:30 until like 11:30 PM.  5 hours… driving, talking’, chapters, subway, renting Failure to Launch (a great movie!) and burned a different movie for her and then she left as she had to be at work the next morning. Such a workin’ babe that you are, Carol!


Saturday was a mix of relaxation and fun.  We had a nice sleep in and just enjoyed our day together. Later in the evening, I went out to Molly Blooms for about 2 hours with Isaiah, summers and Adam. I had a couple drinks and my salad before we left.  When we got home, we just more of our relaxation and just enjoying each other’s company.


Sunday aka today is both a lazy and productive day. We just relaxed, cleaned, and such.  I watched a lot of  TV too (i guess sunday’s now my TV day! LOL).  I came up with some cool photo projects to do in the fall after the summer ends and i’m looking forward to that. It’ll be amazing! Isaiah likes the two cool projects that I found online that I want to do (and it’ll take actual labour work) but it’ll be total worth it. I love pictures..memories are to be treasured so we’ll see how it turns out when it’s done.  We also figured out the rest of the summer plans (well at least for the 4 weekends in August and 1st weekend of September). Things like Toronto, Grand Bend, and dinner plans with our parents and Isaiah’s uncle’s wedding.  August should be really fun!!!!  We still want to plan an fall house party, but we’re gonna wait until we know Isaiah’s new work schedule at TD and such before we pick a date and send the invites out 🙂


So that’s what’s crazy and beautiful so far in our married lives.  Enjoy the rest of Sunday, and hope your week gets a peachy start!  Taste life until the last drop 😉


Lotta Love,






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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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