Livin’ A Beautiful Life! :)

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone’s having a peachy week so far. Seems like I am too!  So anyway, here’s some mid week updates! Read on!

On Monday, I took Alex to hockey stores in the middle of work as he needed a new hockey stick for his game that night.  After work, I went to get my nails redone. I love having them back so nice J. It had been a while since I last saw the nail guy so I actually had to get them off and get new ones. LOL. Overdue LOL. The first time I’ve had those power gels was back in March (mainly so I was nail pretty for the wedding) and it has been for 4 months since that first nightJ. So it really needed fresh ones LOL (apparently the rule is that you have to get fresh ones every three months). I also filled up the car with gas and finally donated some of the winter/spring-cleaning (2 bags) that I had done earlier this year in regards to clothes to Good will. So that’s done.

A few hours roll by through the night.  Then came what turned out to be a PRODUCTIVE Tuesday! I had doctor’s appt in the morning… went fine (check up on my acne).  Work was nice and slow J. I loved today’s pace! After work, I went to Stan Reade to pick up pictures that my parents had dropped off on Saturday before they left which consisted of M & R’s wedding. I scanned most of those pics!  They are up in the M & R photo wedding photo album if you want to have a peak! Afterwards, I went to Shoppers—got some stamps finally for the rest of the TY cards. Finally, we mailed the rest of the TY cards 🙂 Done, done! Later on in the evening, I did my summer cleaning. Yeah, I know I just dropped off 2 bags Monday night, but they were from the winter and spring (from last year’s clothes). I shop a lot (major shopaholic!) so after a while, I stop wearing some clothes, and others I continue to wear into the following year until I stop really liking it or find something better than that particular clothing. Heehee. . Depends if I really love it.  So one bag for goodwill is done. I’ll probably have another bag by the end of August maybe and then I’ll drop it off with the most recent bag.  Then I won’t do any more “clothes” cleaning’ for a few months… probably not until I have my next vacation week or after Christmas at the most.  Before calling a night, we watched the movie of Final Destination 3. Gave the car back to Dylan.  

Wednesday was today. Work was super dead all day. Some days i like slowness, but other days, I like busy… I would have liked being a bit more busier but ah well. What can ya do?  Who knows if it’ll be like this dead  for the rest of the month? We’ll have to wait and see!  I  Paid bills online after work and did laundry as well. Also, finally picked out our wedding favorite pictures so that we can get going with the rest of picture orders for us and for other people 🙂

Anyway, that’s what’s new thus far of this week. More to come on the weekend. Parents will remain in Europe until Monday but Dylan’s takin’ care of Alex for the rest of the week so I won’t have the car anymore…but ah well. At least i got to drive Sunday to last nite  and the weekend before so i rock :).

Okay dokie… time to sign off here for the time being..Have a wonderful week everyone!!!!  Remember.. always live better than yesterday! 

Lotta Love,




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