A Beautiful Summery Note!

Hi Everyone!


Hope y’all enjoyed your weekend to the fullest. We sure did. Went by too fast though as it always does!  So yes, more July news for ya is here!!


On Friday, I Worked until close again—I’m such the businesswoman! For the rest of the evening, my husband and I just hung around at home –comfy ness rules!  No doubt about that.


Then, Saturday rolls around.  We didn’t go to Port Stanley for beach time as planned because people opted out of it and the weather ended up being shitty anyways. So instead, we went to visit my parents for a couple hours or so before they had left for their anniversary cruise in the afternoon. Later, our guys aka Summers and Alan came over to hang out. They played Risk with Isaiah. I’m not really much of a fan of that particular board game though. Then,    Sarah (Dylan’s GF) came by to give me some of her “old” clothes. I decided to keep some and give the others away for good will. 🙂 It’s awesome to get some "free" clothes sometimes if they are to my likin’ though 🙂 Little later on in the night, me and the guys went out to Golden Griddle to have some late night food and just chat away LOL.  We called it a night after that though.


Sunday was yesterday.  We just caught up on our housechores. Summer does bring on more laziness than usual. We later had dinner and played cards with Violet and Scott (Isaiah’s parents).  Dylan came by in the middle of the evening with them to give me the car and I basically have it until late Tuesday night.  So coolness 🙂



You’ll have to wait for the next blog for today’s news and the rest of the week. Sorry. LOL. But atleast your mostly updated 🙂


Now here’s some some random thoughts in my world. While we’re not going to be TTC for a long time (not for at least three years) we’ve picked out our baby names for a long time.  Right now we have names picked for one girl and for two boys. Even though, we don’t really have the choice in the sexes of the babies that we have when we conceive but it’s nice to dream about.  I was under the impression that we want to have our girl first then have our two sons. However just recently, Isaiah wants to have two girls and one boy instead.  Hey, it’s not very often that you hear that men want a daughter. LOL. Everywhere you hear, they like boys better. They can train them their own thing, but it’s really cool that Isaiah wants not one, but two girls LOL. So I guess, we’ll have four baby names picked out. Of course, we’re not going to have four (too expensive!) but we’ll have two kids for sure, and maybe a third one if we want to and can afford to do so. Have to be ready and safe rather than sorry though J. As of right now, our baby names are Noah, Ryan, and Jaime (we originally had picked Jennifer then decided it would be Jessica and now we don’t like those two names anymore so Jaime is the one for now).  We don’t know yet about the other daughter’s name. We’ll figure out eventually.


Also, I’ve decided that I want to start getting my body “baby-ready” even though it’s very likely I won’t be showing a bump for a while LOL. I really want to have a healthy and easy pregnancy when we’re ready. So I’ve decided that in September, I’m going to start getting myself “baby ready”. That includes more exercising, eating healthier and drinking healthier and having those prenatal vitamins (and yes, I will still remain on birth control until further notice LOL).  I don’t want to be at the weight I am right now when we’re TTC or already pregnant. I’d love to be at the weight that I was at 17 (high school graduation time)—which was at 125 and I think that’s perfect “pre-preggo” weight for me.  Of course, I’ll make the exceptions of alcohol if I go clubbing or a really special event out such as the Christmas party.  So anyway, it’ll be quite of a process, but I believe that it’ll be accomplished before we decide to TTC whenever that is 🙂 I’m quite excited and serious about this decision that I’m making. It’ll be the experience that’s worthwhile, and everybody knows that I want to be a young mom and I’ll be the best at that to make that happen :).  I still want to be married for at least 2-3 years before we’re expecting our first. That’s why I’m choosing to be baby ready now because I know there’s a lot of time to get this accomplished before we are ready to TTC.


Isaiah and I haven’t talked in full depth about this next thought, but we might have a fall/autumn house party. We haven’t had one since June 2005 and we may as well host one more while we still have our apartment.  Will keep posted 🙂


Isaiah and I are really looking forward to Toronto…. it’ll be an all day trip. No overnight stay, but we’ll be back really late LOL.  Shopping, dinner and some clubbing is looking what’ll be our t-dot fun :). We’re hoping to go to C. Wonderland in late August and we’d love to have a group outin’ for this one.. all the more fun, the more merrier the fun day is 🙂


Anyway, that’s all for now. It’s getting super long LOL. So i’ll end it right here.  Enjoy your week!


Hugs & kisses,






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