A Bag Full Of Hugs!!! :)

Hi Everyone! 


Hope everyone’s week has been treated as peachy well! LOL.  It has been for me. I love my life! Summer 06 is really good to us… first "married" summer that is 🙂 Teehee! Okay… enough procrasination… time to update you all of the weekly juices!


Monday had me working until close at the office. I’ m such the office babe LOL.  Isaiah surprised me twice by being home tonight and got me a dozen deep pink roses! I love my husband!!! The roses are so beautiful. I haven’t had flowers for a while. The last time i had roses was the day we got married, which was almost two months ago.  Yes, that long. I love to be showered with roses every once in a while 🙂  We use our "engagement" vase which was a gift from my parents when we had gotten engaged two years ago. Today, I have several wedding vases which have yet to be used lol. I need tons of roses to do fill all those up LOL 🙂 What about "best friends" roses??? Hint, hint my girlfriends 😉



On Tuesday night, I got into quite bit of an organizing mood. The summer is always a great time for projects LOL. I updated my magazine section. I updated the real or actual photo albums of our kittens (OMG, fish through from the beginning-October 2005 to now.. they get even more cute everytime we take pictures of them). Husky has his famous meow, paw wavin’ and just being in very odd places. Sherlock just being the beautiful male that he is, independant, but loves to be with Husky whenever they choose to be together. They’re adorable. They celebrate their birthday on August 2nd by turning one year old together but really, October 1st will be their anniversary with us :).  I also updated the pictures of Isaiah and I together in love. We have TONS of pictures within the 5 years span that we’ve been together.  Of course the best pictures are of the ones on our wedding day. We have a seperate album of that.. the wedding pictures :).  I had wanted to update the general photo album that has random pictures of friends, family and etc but i ran out of room LOL so i have to wait until i buy more albums to continue the photo tread. I have this current huge album that dates all the way back  to 2002.  However, I started this thing back in 1997 when i started high school.  so this was number 2. I’m about to start number three. 🙂


Yesterday was Wednesday. I went shopping briefly after work with Isaiah. We ran into Christine and her friend, Mackenzie at Zellers. Nice running into you twoo. I miss you Christine…. we need to get together soon. All the best of luck on writing your teacher’s exam in Toronto this weekend!  Anyway, we bought more albums that i need, some magazines and a book from Chapters, and bought more food to our kitchen LOL. We later watched 7th Heaven. A show that I used to watch, but never watch anymore (of course the show has been done with their series for a while now).  


Thursday is today and that brough on raining weather. However cheery notes. Parents and Alex are back from their week’s vacation in California. Alex had this IMG Camp (hockey) to attend and this was their main reason of going to CA. Lucky them.  I’ve never been there, and I want to go there sometime in my life.  LOL. I’ll make sure we go sometime. I want to see the famous Hollywood sign, the beautiful houses in Beverly Hills, spot some celebrities, and hit all the hot clubs LOL.   Anyways… I fiinished updating the general photo album. YAY. I have some extra pictures to give to friends and family. May be in the mail in the next few weeks or in person. Whichever comes first LOL!


Anyways… Isaiah and I continue to revise our summer plans of this year.  We are still planning to go to Port Stanley for Saturday’s beach outing but it seems like it’ll be a small turnout… but oh well.. I want some sun anyways. We still want to go to Toronto for the first weekend of August (August 5) and just may be the two of us but we don’t want to stay overnight anymore as originally palnned. So we think we’ll go for the day–shopping and do something else like dinner or see a show or something and then head back to London. We’ll head back up there later in August for Canada’s Wonderland–maybe we’ll have a huge turnout then LOL. Okay, that’s all for now.  Have a wonderful night everyone! 


Much Love,






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