The Weekend Bananas! :)

Hi Everyone!


Hope everyone’s enjoyed their sultry weekend. It’s been crazily hot but i love it! I hope it’s the same for next weekend.. I heart hot summer weekends (and weekdays too LOL) . Okay… here’s more July updates! 🙂


Thursday night, I ended up making a visit to Isaiah at his work for his lunch break.  I haven’t done that for a long time so that was nice . Alo consider that consider that I haven’t really seen him since Sunday even though we now sleep together for about 4 ½ hours…stupid night shift of 10 work hours: P


    I got  the car from Dylan just before I left work  on Friday then came home. Later, we went to Jon’s house to surprise him for his birthday with a few other people including Diane. Then we did late night grocery shopping in the rain before finally being home for the night.. It was a fun night. However, Isaiah and I received a quite a few bites on our feet from the flies….. :P.. Itchness is not cool!


Saturday afternoon, we did some mall shopping at Masonville. Got some pictures developed, new work pants, comfy pants, comfy shirt, and a couple tank tops. We spent the rest of the night at home watching Basic Instinct 1 and Basic Instinct 2 (we really like the first one overall!) and X-men 3. We finally went to sleep about 3 AM.  I uploaded several pictures on this space so there are a few new ones of our kittens (so cute!), summer ones and Michelle/Ryan’s wedding.  so check them out!!!! 🙂


Sunday is aka today. We stopped by Wal-Mart in White Oaks to get a few things just after 1 and then went to Kelsey’s for a late lunch with summers. Confirmed plans for Toronto (first weekend of August).  Then summers came over.  Then I went to make a surprise visit to Carol. I had just showed up when she and her family had arrived back from spending the day in Grand Bend. So we got to hang for a little while. It was nice J. Carol; promise you longer visit next time!  Then picked up Dylan at mom’s and then gave the car back to Dylan (we’re taking turns for a few days as parents are away). Now, just relaxing and probably going to watch a movie shortly before going to bed.


Yup, so there you have our sultry weekend fun LOL. Enjoy your 3rd july week and celebrate it to the fullest 🙂


Love ya all,






p.s. I can’t believe our kitten boys turn one year old so soon….they celebrate their birthday on August 2nd.  Di was mentioning our boys to Jon’s parents Friday night and I was like oh yeah, their birthday’s soon LOL. I can’t belive time has flown so fast–it’s amazing how big they’ve gotten since we got them last October (October 1st to be exact!).


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