Tonight’s Kitty Smile! :)

Hi Peeps!


Hope your 2nd week of July ’06 is going smoothly well. So far it seems to be for us and busy too! So ding ding! Updates ready!


Monday had me working at the office until close since tammy 2 was absent.  Also, I started on the thank you cards for people who gave us gifts for our wedding.  20 cards completed that night.  Also, that day was the start of isaiah’s new night shift that has 10 hours of work which i don’t honestly like.  it’s basically through the night almost.  He doesn’t get home until 3 AM–ugh! So i don’t really have evenings with him for 4 days out of the week which is from monday to thursday.  I miss him a lot! But our weekends get really precious to us and we’ll want to be together like 24/7 LOL.

Yesterday was Tuesday. I was once again "sutton" busy since tammy 2 was still absent.  so i didn’t stay until close but almost. ONly until 5:30.  I had news that my parents had picked up our wedding video monday night and mom had dropped off our own copy of the dvd at the office.  I was so excited! I was anxious to watch it when i got home! LOL.  You can imagine so…6 weeks of waiting for the precious keepsake!  bob was our videographer on our wedding day from 1 until 11pm. he shot a lot of hours. Thanks so much!  the wedding dvd is so AMAZING!!!! I love it so much. dvd is in two discs–first being of me and the bridemaids at my parents house and the offical ceremony at st. michael’s parish and the second disc is of the entire reception….three hours long total of our wedding video and plus quick highlights/flashbacks with our first dance song which was "this i swear" by nick lachey.  I was tearing up the whole video…just so many awesome memories. it’s as good as the wedding pictures from david maxwell 🙂

now today’s wednesday. I’ve pretty much completed my big "side" of the family and friends with the thank you cards. now isaiah has to do his side which is not that many. then we’ll do the professionals together such as our photographer, caterers, dj, father jim, terry at kwik kopy and bob as our videographer.  oh we have plenty ty cards left and i’m impressed LOL.

anyways…plenty of the week left so you’ll have to wait until the weekend for more Jules & Isaiah’s dibs of "married" life 🙂 in the mean time, enjoy the rest of the week and the rest of tonight that is.

keep on smiling and reaching for the stars!!!!

love ya all,




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