Lots Of Love & Good Cheers!!! :)

Hi Everyone!!!


Hope y’all enjoyed the rest of the weekend and the gorgeously warm weekend!!! So let’s take a swim back to Thursday.  Tammy 1 brought Jasmine to work today…. She’s getting so big now, that little darling! So cute! After work, I went to White Oaks Mall to get the rest of M & R’s wedding gift and get a little outfit to wear for the wedding… ended up getting a baby blue halter top and a sheer black skirt—both from Le Château. Yuppers! 


I ended up working until close on Friday at work.  Isaiah and I did some housecleaning and laundry duties that night.  We also packed for an overnight getway which was Saturday and wrapped Michelle & Ryan’s wedding gift. 


Saturday rolled around and it was the big day for Michell & Ryan..finally! I did wear that baby blue top and the sheery black skirt. Isaiah wore his blue dress shirt and black pants.  So Dylan, Sarah, Isaiah and myself followed my parents, alex and my grandma to Corunna for the wedding ceremony for M & R. It was so beautiful. Michelle looked stunning in her dress! Ryan was like a kid on a christmas morning when he saw Michelle coming up the aisle (like jumping up and down).. so cute! LOL.  Of course i had my camera with me everywhere, so I took a quite a few pictures of the wedding ceremony, and later at the reception.   The reception was only direct 15 mins drive from the church and it was in point edward. So that was good and the reception was at the Village Inn (and same hotel where we were staying for the night so :)).  The reception was so much fun!  Pretty good dinner, speeches, and they had a slide show done by the two set of parents so yup, it was very cute seeing M & R’s growing up pictures, friends/family and of M & R together.  We were noticed in a quite a few slides (and there was a few of little me with Dylan and Alex! LOL). Woot!  There was an open bar so Isaiah and I loosed up… well Isaiah did more than me..20 screwdrivers! (very drunk)  and I had 7 (almost at 8) drinks..some were sex on the beach, smiroff ices and strawberryish wine 🙂 We did a lot of dancing (fast and slow).. I also scored 2 dances with the crazy and fun groom, Ryan, one with Jill’s husband, Billy and one with my own dad.  I also danced with Michelle and the bridesmaids a bit! . Oh btw, the bridesmaids were all scrapless ice pink satin (promylike) gowns. It was a great night.  We departed just after midnight as Isaiah was getting too crazy and I had to get  him up to the room for the night LOL.   There were a lot of pics taken… oh yeah..total film of the entire day/night… basically two rolls! LOL. Yeah, we were camera crazy!!!


Sunday… we woke up at 9:30 and checked out just before 11.  Dad, mom, alex, myself and Isaiah went for a little breakfast run at Tim Hortons and then went to an open house brunch at Uncle Joe & Aunt Diann’s house (michelle’s parents house) for a few hours. So we got to see some people again 🙂 Michelle & Ryan opened up their wedding gifts as well :).  M & R are going to Costa Rica for 10 days as their honeymoon.. they leave tomorrow morning! Have fun you two!!!!  And we left just after 2 and we arrived home just before 4.  Our boys are okay!!!!! LOL.  We’ve never left them overnight alone since we got them last October (they’ve only been previously in the care of Diane for a week about 6 weeks ago) and actually they were pretty good. We left them tons of food and water so that was good 🙂 So yeah, that’s our fabulous weekend.  Next wedding for us to attend is now September 2nd for Isaiah’s uncle.


So that’s about all for now. More juicy dibs to come in a few days. Make the rest of your Sunday filled up to the fullest!


Love ya all,






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