Magical Summertime Notes :)

Hi Everyone!!!!


Hope everyone’s enjoying their first week of July so far!.  I sure am as always LOL. Gotta live life to the fullest!  So, the weekend had some unfinished business so here we go! On Saturday night, Isaiah and I ended up going to see the movie, "The Lake House". It turned out to be really good.  Isaiah really enjoyed that too! We’re gonna get it on DVD when it comes out!  After the movie, we stopped by Blockbuster and picked up more dvds to add to our huge collection which continues to grow insanely!


Sunday was mainly consisted of a lot of shopping. So we had gone to Wal-Mart in White Oaks. Also, we got pics developed, and got something special done for Violet and Ashley for their upcoming birthdays this week. Bought Michelle & Ryan’s gift for their wedding (well part of it, hope to get the other half by Saturday! LOL). Afterwards, it was time to trott over to Home Outfitters…got some more things off our registry (more bathroom towels, placemats and napkins), and a couple other things with the gift cards. Still have plenty left over LOL. We may get the rest from Zellers the next time we’re in Masonville. For dinner, we were at Isaiah’s parents as it was their turn to have us  and we also played cards.  On the way home, we caught the last bit of fireworks. I was happy! I love fireworks!


Monday was our "Canada Day" holiday from work, in other words… day off! I really enjoyed it.  I got the chance to see Carol as I wanted to know all about her Toronto fun and saw Diane as well.  I also visited mymother for a little while and while returned the car for her.  I enjoyed being able to drive for my birthday and for the long weekend. It was great! Then I just relaxed for the rest of the day/evening at home until Isaiah got home from work, and just enjoyed our company together 🙂

Tuesday and Wednesday (aka today) have really nothing special to report.  However, later tonight, we’re having birthday celebrations at Isaiah’s parents house for a belated one for me, Ashley and Violet. Should be interesting.


Random thoughts is here to spill now….. We have another wedding to attend…. my’ll be our third one that we’ll have gone (Tammy 2 in May, Michelle & Ryan’s this weekend and now this one in Sept).  It’s on Sept 2nd for …. Isaiah’s uncle. Should be interesting and Cousin Shannon (on Isaiah’s side) is due to have her baby then LOL.  But it’s her first so it’s most likely going to happen after the wedding, like a few days late. Just like Tammy was past her due date (4 days late) when she had Jasmine in January. 


Also, I’m in desperate means to visit Toronto after hearing Carol’s fun there on her little trip for Canada Day weekend LOL. Hopefully I’ll get to go with the guys (of course with my husband too!) for the first weekend of August… we’ll see!  Oh so you know, just because we’re married, it doesn’t mean that we’re limited to do stuff with friends.  Life will really change and set limits when we are ready to buckle down as parents, but we don’t want to do that for a while anyways.


I’m really looking forward to having Cousin Jess at Michelle & Ryan’s wedding. She couldn’t make it to our wedding, so it’ll be wonderful to see her on Saturday. She’s actually gonna be in London very soon (7 PM flight arrival) and seeing my parents and her own mom & step dad but I already have plan so… Saturday I will 🙂


Okay, that’s all the updates for now.  Have a wonderful wednesday night, and I’ll probably update when we’re back from Michelle & Ryan’s wedding on Sunday night.


Love ya all,






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