Happy Canada Day!!!!

Happy Canada Day, Everyone! 

Hope you all are enjoying the long weekend so far! I am!  So let’s twinkle back a couple days to Thursday.  After work, Diane and I got some stuff ready for the party, mainly getting groceries and just hung out for a while. It was a lot of fun though.  Thanks for your entire help sweetie that night and Friday! I got a surprise birthday card in the mail from Emily…. thanks sweetie! Made my night! 

 Friday rolled around.  LOL. I had my birthday sex in the middle of the night–way before i went to work LOL.  So yeah, I’m finally 23… and I’m married.  I’ll be special because nobody’s married on his or her 23rd birthday this year.  :D. Anyways, I spent the day at work, but it was still good.  Afterwards, I went to my parents so I can pick up the car and the proofs book that my mom’s had since Sunday.    Later, I had the Pre-party here that was good. Just that it was a smaller turn out than planned; only 5 of us (myself, Isaiah, Diane, Jon and Carol). We chatted, food, drank, and watched 10 things I hate about you. My two greatest close girlfriends helped me with my makeup. I was so sexy; like a smoky little sex kitten! LOL. Thanks, Diane & Carol!   Afterwards, we drove in the car (and carol drove her car) to the frog.  Got in like that LOL. It was okay. Well, I forgot, Friday night…not as busy as Saturday, but whatever. Still fun! I had some more drinks. Carol left at 12 since she was going to be in t-dot today and tomorrow with her sister and some friends.  I stayed at the club until 1 with Isaiah, Diane and Jon.  We drove back to our place, and then the twosome left as they were both working today.  We went to bed as we got in. We were very tired and past 2 AM LOL.

Saturday is here and it’s Canada day!  Isaiah and I slept in until 11 AM today. Tons of relaxing. Did some laundry. I had a nap from 3 until 5 PM…. I haven’t had a nice nap for a long time… the last couple months have been umber crazy with the wedding planning, the wedding itself and the honeymoon, and so forth.  So, while I napped, Isaiah did the dishes. What a sweetheart.   We’re planning on going to see the lake house at Wellington 8 for 9:20 PM tonight. As everyone else that we know are working or just have other plans.  That’s okay.  We’re enjoying our alone time: D.  The movie should be really good. I love the two stars, Sandra bullock and Keanu Reeves (I think) that are in it. They have really good chemistry onscreen.  They were together in “Speed”, and now they’re together in this movie. However, this Canada Day doesn’t not top as last year though, only because we had spent it in Grand Bend with Diane, Jon and Summers, and later had a double date dinner at Jon’s house. That was a lot of fun. Later, we had just spent the rest of the evening here.  🙂 I would have loved to be able to be in T-dot with Carol and bunch of the other girls today, but not enough advance notice to save as the getaway was planned for a lot of things that involve a lot of money… so Carol, I hope to be able to go next time! Enjoy it for me 😉

Okay, that’s all the dibs for the weekend.  Time for some random thoughts though.   Isaiah and I really want to plan a beach day in Port Stanley soon.  The beach is really warmer than Grand Bend, and they have their famous fries that I have had in years!  It’s out of the question next weekend though because my Cousin Michelle is finally having her wedding to Ryan (a week from today!!) so we’re out of town for that day and overnight. We’re not back until sometime Sunday. So it’ll happen for maybe the following weekend or some time after that.  Will keep posted.  It’s been almost a month since we’ve been back from the Dominican, and I really miss it that entire week of freedom. It was an amazing vacation-unlimited drinking, tanning, swimming and everything else! We definitely want to go away on another trip for a week (as it might be our last “freedom” one before we have kids). However, it won’t happen until next year or even the year after, as first of all, the house and getting a car has to come first. That needs to be accomplished by this time next year at least for the house and the car by next September. Regardless of when we can go, we’re thinking of Florida for our next BIG vacation…there’s lots of beaches in that state, and we want to go to Universal Studios.  I’ve personally been to FLA lots of times with my family. I’ve been in Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Clearwater Beach, Daytona Beach, etc.  They’re all good.  In the meantime, we’re thinking of just a little mini vacation for us to happen sometime in August…just for a weekend. We still crave for Niagara Falls. We went there for our 4-year (dating) anniversary last year but it was only for the day. We hope to be there for overnight or at least a day and half this time—if we leave the Friday night and return Sunday. I want to visit Marine land, as I want another dolphin fix.  The dream come true in the Dominican was amazing, but not enough time LOL!  Of course, if we do get to go, I’ve already gotten a possible kitty sitter for Sherlock and Husky. It’d be Diane who was the "temporary" mom for the week while we were on our honeymoon.  The boys really love you, Di 🙂

Anyway, that’s all for now.  Not much else happening for the rest of the long weekend…just some shopping tomorrow and having dinner with Isaiah’s parents.  I have Monday off work, and I have no plans whatsoever but Isaiah has to work, and I’m supposedly returning the Lexus later in the morning on that day.  We’ll see what i come up with.  Regardless, i want to sleep in until 10… I plan to have the Lexus back for 11 unless mom says i can have it for a tiny bit longer that day.

Have a great night, everyone. More to come in a few days! 





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