Almost 23….two more sleeps!

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone’s have a fabulous week! I sure am, so far anyways.  It’ll get even more amazing within the next two days too!!  I’m almsot 23…TWO MORE SLEEPS!  That’s right!  😀 

 Anyway, shall we get on with the daily fun of Jules’ "married" life?  Let’s go on a trail into the Sunday forest. LOL.  Interesting eh? Haha.  Anyways,  that night,  it was the "Trio family birthday celebration" at my parent’s house. We had a BBQ dinner and exchanged gifts that were for my mom, dylan and myself…it was great!  Isaiah and I also got to have our first swim in the pool for the season and the hottub too. LOL. I got to sport that new bikini that I got a few days ago.  Hehe.  What i got:

Ø      From mom & dad—new vacuum for the house and mall certificate (Yay, shopping!)

Ø      Alex got me certificates to shoppers

Ø      Dylan & Sarah got me certificates to Chapters

Ø      My husband gave me an early gift (says he has another one to give me on my actual birthday) that is a foot spa that’s heated! I love it. Well, my feet are always tired after working all day at the office so this is a perfect treat! Thanks sweetheart!

 Monday rolls around.  Diane came over to hang out for a couple hours in the evening. It was a lot of fun.  She’ll be here again on Thursday along with Carol. They’re going to help me get stuff ready for my birthday bash on Friday night.  While Di was over,  I also got my other gift from my husband that is a quanta moving massage cushion. It’s uber cool. I love it.  I even have a remote that I can choose from two different kinds of massage; rolling and Shiatsu J I have it positioned here on my computer chair.  I’ve also used on our bed too!  hehe.

 Tuesday was the official mark of one month married (even though it was 4 weeks this past Saturday!) ! I can’t believe it!  It feels a lot longer. We’ve though basically felt married through out our entire relationship, all the way back to 2001. SO yeah.  Just more official now though 😉

 Wednesday aka today.  I stayed at work until close.  I had a lot to catch up, and plus I’ll be busy the next two days so it was worth it. 

 Okay… time for some Random Thoughts… LOL.  Isaiah and I started talking Sunday night about upcoming plans for the rest of our summer…. Beach trips (Port Stanley & Grand Bend), possible weekend getaway in Niagara sometime in August, and of course local stuff such as clubbing nights and all that jazz too.   Details to come as the summer trickles by. I promise. The two b-day gifts from my husband are such a treat, especially when it’s put to use when I’m finally home form a long day at work.  It’s probably my favorite gift that I’ve received all year LOL. Of course, I do have some other favorites that are from the wedding/shower gifts! 🙂 

 Anyways… that’s what’s cool this week so far.  Look for some giddyness on the weekend…..until then, keep on truckin’ with a smile 🙂  Always be you….it is the sexiest thing that you can be!

 Much Love,






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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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