Party Time in 6 Days!!!! ;)

Hi Everyone!!!

Here I am with a new blog. Entry. Hope you all had a good week! I sure did! Also, there’s a lot more excitement coming up within the next few days too!  First though, let’s travel back to Thursday and get you updated with me LOL.

Thursday was Dylan’s Birthday!!! I can’t believe my big brother is now 26!!!!  Amazing! I’ll be that in three years time! After work, Our Grand Bend agents, Joe & Zoltan were treating us Sutton staff girls to a belated Secretary’s day dinner in Grand Bend. It was a lot of fun.   Dinner was at this golf course restaurant/bar area. Then afterwards we went down to the beach, and of course, I’m telling everyone that is where I fell in love with Isaiah back in 2001 (and 5 years later, married!). The last trek to Grand Bend was on Canada Day 2005 (last year, just right after I turned 22).  We watched the sunset go down, and then the guys bought us dessert, which was ice cream; I of course had my favorite…strawberry sundae J.


Friday was Mom’s Birthday!  My family and I were Attending Alex’s Grade 8 graduation at St. Michael’s Church for 7 PM that night.  It’s funny how it’s almost been a month since I got married in that church to my husband, Isaiah. Amazing! Anyways, the graduation was beautiful. I ran into my grade one teacher (who’s now at Alex’s school), Miss DiCola. Remember her, Christine???  And for all you John Paul II  grads, I ran into Mrs. Wright-Evans…. She used to be I believe the VP at JP. Well she’s now the principal at Alex’s school.  Alex looked so smashing! Everything was all new—black shirt, black pants, leather shoes, jacket and pink tie!!!!  For those of you know Alex, he’s so tall and so mature for his age, it seemed like he was more ready for the Prom rather than his graduation LOL. I can’t believe he’s going to HS!!! As myself, our family, and Christine remember Alex as a baby and with all that curly hair as if it was just yesterday. LOL. Alex will be at CCH in September.  I can remember all the fun I had at JP and everyone else that have been through the high school world, it brought a lot of freedom, fun, memories, and etc.  I still look through my HS yearbooks from time to time! LOL. Carol and I have changed so much, and yet we’re still close as sisters!  What’s weird though…with us three kids  (Dylan, myself and Alex) all chose different high school? So we’ll never have the previous connections. LOL.  Dylan was at STA for the first two years (as this is where Christine went and currently having her practicum at) and then went to Beal for the rest of his HS years (11 to OAC).  I went to John Paul II for all of 5 years (Grade 9 all the way to OAC). Now Alex will be at CCH, and only for 4 years as OAC was dropped after I graduated in 2001.

 Saturday is aka today.  Today’s just all about shopping, relaxing and just being home as well. We’re finally just having time together all day and all night. LOL.  Bought Mom & Dee’s gift (well the rest of it) and a couple other things from Linens & Things.  I also got a new bikini from Smart Set which had a sale on and really cute.  It’s a reversable at that too! Blue & black! Woot (only 30 bucks!).  We went to dinner at ESM. Yummy food! LOL. Spent the rest of the evening, just relaxing and wathing a movie.

I’m looking forward to the many more events coming within the next few days.  Tomorrow (Sunday) is the family birthday celebration for the “cancer” trios—Dylan, Mom and myself.  Either we’ll be at the house or out somewhere at a restaurant.  Tuesday marks the official one-month married for Isaiah and me! YAY! Feels a lot longer though… probably because we’ve been together so long, 5 bloody years! LOL.  Then Friday will be my 23rd even though, I’m spending during the day at work (as it’ll be closed on Monday instead of that day) and then party time!!! It’ll be celebrated first here at our place and then later at the Barking Frog. I can’t wait!!! 

So that’s all for now. Enjoy your weekend. There’ll be more to come later in the week.  Get some sun!

Hugs & Kisses,




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