The Work Week Ended On A Good Note :)

Hi People!

Here I am once again. Livin’ La Vica Loca (recognize this from Ricky Martin??) LOL.  Anyway, I’m to share the rest of my week’s fun.  Nothing special or crazy from Wednesday, but Thursday brought on a lot! 

Carol had her college graduation from Fanshawe College Thursday morning. I had wanted to attend but I was working. So I told her that I’d be with her that night to make up for missing the precious morning. After work, I went to Mom’s house to pick up the Lexus, as I had wanted to be driving that night. From there, i proceeded to pick up Carol from her house.  We went to shoe company and Pier I just to look around as we had to wait 25 minutes for from ESM where it was the surprise restaurant to treat Carol her graduation dinner.  Dinner was fabulous. We had a lot of food LOL. We got so full that we had no room for dessert. LOL Carol and I had recognized a guy that we know since elementary school working at ESM. He wasn’t our server/waiter though (we had someone else). I Gave Carol her gift, which was a graduation picture frame and an everyday graduation thoughts calendar thingy.  After dinner, we went back to Carol’s house to hang out for a little bit and took new pictures of us together in her living room. It was so cute. Can’t wait to see them!  After that, she took her car and followed me back to my mom’s as I had to return the car and then Carol took me back to my apartment.  We had a wonderful night. We never get to have those just us time together a lot so yup. 6:30 until 10 PM :).

Friday morning, work had an early staff meeting at 8 AM. I was tired all day but managed to get everything done (which I really love especially on Fridays!). After work, Isaiah and I went to St. Thomas to pick up our wedding proofs (as our photographer works in that town) and they look so good! I love it! When we got back into London, we bought Mom’s birthday present & Scott’s birthday present at White Oaks. Later on in the evening, Scott came over as it was his birthday but he came here so late that there was no time to see a movie out but Isaiah and him played Risk and watched A National Treasure (while I started to scan some of our wedding proofs & now finished as of this morning). Those proofs that I chose to scan are now up in the album so check out ;).  Didn’t get to bed until about 2:30 AM. LOL.

Today is Saturday; simply having a relaxing day with Isaiah. We’ll probably head out to Masonville at some point today to get F-Day gift and Dylan’s birthday gift. I think we’ll do nothing much else. Just having our time together as we haven’t been able to do much of that all week.

So that’s that.  Enjoy your weekend, and there’ll be more to come in a few days. Take care! 🙂 

Love ya all,




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