A Rosey Tuesday For Jules :)

Meow, Meow!!!!
Here’s the married sexy little kitten  once again to update you all on her weekend, and such. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was highlighted as a very busy one, but interesting and really fun!!!! 🙂 

On Saturday, I got the lexus car keys from Dylan who borrowed the car from mom Friday night so I was able to have it for the night and overnight & sunday am. Then I went to pick up three graduations gifts which were for Diane, Carol and Alex.  Afterwards, I went to Jon’s house as he was hosting an bbq with Diane. It was a lot of fun. About 10 of us were there, I think. I peresonally was there from 6:30 until 11 PM (Isaiah had to work as this was the shift he had traded to get the previous Monday off).  I had a great time. I also gave Di her graduation gift as I wasn’t going to be there for her ceremony on Monday. She loved it! 🙂 


Sunday was all about going to Michelle’s shower with my mom and Cousin Jill. It was really fun! Michelle’s bridesmaids did a wonderful job in throwing the shower for Michelle. Aunt Kathy later gave me our wedding pictures that she had taken then and she also put together an college of those pictures which was rockin’ awesome. I was like wow!  I won a cute plant from playing the shower present bingo (that was adorable!) and won an mini pink picture frame within our group work on creating a veil on my grandmother (Michelle had picked our group). My grandma looked really cute on her fake veil.  Oh you know how shower bows are usually put together on a shower hat, well this time it wasn’t the case. So where did those shower bows go? On a white bra. It was so funny. Michelle worn it 🙂  I took pictures!  Vic and Issac were here in the evening to watch the Wrestling PPV with Isaiah so I watched a tiny bit of that and spent time here in the computer room.


Monday was yesterday.  Diane had offically graduated from Western in Arts BA.  Congratulations sweetie! I’m so proud of you!  Later last night, I ordered a new dress from Victoria Secret so I would have something to wear to Michelle’s wedding in July (July 8).  I will probably wear it again for other summer events, and there’s another wedding we’re attending on September 2nd (Isaiah’s uncle is finally marrying his long time girlfriend).  Anyway, the dress is really short and very sexy.  It’s basically an halter bra top dress. There were other colours than the one shown (brown shown, but there were red, black, white, and blue). I chose the chocolate colour just for a change, and I know i do look good in brown.  So I can’t wait to have it on me :). It’s supposed to be here for July 3rd (their expected date to arrive in London) but when I purchased my blue bikini from the company back in April, it got here early, so maybe I’ll have the same scenario for the dress. That would be cool.  I’d love to have it before my birthday (Fri June 30th)! Go sexy bombshell me 🙂 


Anyway, nothing special is here to report for today aka Tuesday. Just that we got a really low union gas bill which we are really happy about 🙂


So that’s all the update for now. Enjoy your week in the mean time.  Watch for a new one probably Friday night or Saturday. Have a great night!





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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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