June Meows!

Here I am again! It’s been a wonderful week. We’ve been married for two weeks now!!!! Awesomeness!  Wednesday night, we had Di and Jon come over and hang out for a while.  I got the pics from her on a disc from teh shower, our wedding, and the things in between.  Thanks babe!  We finished a bottle of strawberry wine.. hehe! We’re so badasses, Di and a sexy couple at that 😀  The four of us also watched "A Date Movie". Not the best movie, but was still funny and etc.  We also showed th em our honeymoon pictures. There was a lot to go through haha.
I worked until close on Thursday night. My husband being the sweetheart he is, picked me up. We went to get my nails redone as they were driving me crazy. I haven’t seen the nail guy since 2 weeks before the wedding, and they were getting too long, and having me a little trouble to type at work so i got them clipped down and french manicure again. It looks so nice and good now 🙂 Then went to my parents to pick up the wedding gifts that we had opened on Monday night.  We found out that shadow had been missing since Tuesday and he wasn’t still home when we had been there, but I had a text msg on Friday morning that he finally returned home.  I think it’s the heat.. he loves the warm weather and he just stays away. It’s funny really, because it’s the opposite when it’s winter time!  Anyway, then we came home.
Yesterday, I had a full night out with Carol. SOmething that she and I hardly ever have. We miss that a lot. So it was a lot of fun. Just  pure girls hanging out, catching up, drinking our famous caramel apple cider, eating. We originaly wanted to see The Break UP, but it was sold out. So we watched The Great Expecatations at her house with her sister and her sister’s friend.  I had been with her since basically 6:30 and we were together until 1:30 AM.  Isaiah was home but then he went out with Scott Summers when he was done work, and they went to see The Omen and grabbed some food after and he was home at 2. So we both were occupied and very tired when we went to bed after 2 (more like 2:30).  I’ve offered to take Carol out for her graduation dinner on Thursday since her grad is in the AM  and I’m unable to attend because of work so i’m making it up by buying dinner for her. We don’t know where yet. We’re gonna talk more about it later.
Today, just finally home time and then tonight, I’m going to JOn’s house for the bbq that he’s hosting with Diane so that should be a lot of fun.  I’m looking forward to it. I’m supposed to have the car so hopefully, I get the keys from Dylan soon.
Tomorrow, I’m going to Michelle’s bridal shower with my mom and Jill.  Michelle finally marries Ryan on July 8. I’m very happy for the both of them. They had a fabulous time at our wedding. Ryan was very estatic.  My mom and I got a good gift for them. Hope they like it!  They’ve been together as long we have basically. They got together in 2001 just like us. Just a month ahead of us ;). Their wedding isn’t on their anniversary. Their dating anniversary is in April. They got engaged late August of 2004 and now the wedding’s in July. so but whatever works for them :).  Everybody’s different about these things right?? 🙂
Anyway, that’s all for now. More to come in a few days. Have a wondeful weekend! Hope June gets more sunshine and warm weather as last night was cold, and supposedly cold again tonight. :S
The Happily Married Jules

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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