The First Entry as A Married Woman At 22!!!

Hi Everyone!
Wow….. it’s been a while since I last wrote here. LOL. I believe it was my last "single" night before the wedding.
First of all, I just want to talk about that night a bit. The rehearsal went very well, and the dinner celebration was at Violet and Scott’s house afterwards. It was fun!  Isaiah had an surprise for me and the rest of the guests. He made such an amazing moving video of how much he loves me, and through our time together in love. I cried and kissed Isaiah afterwards. Everybody was so moved by that video, seriously and actually, it was shown again the next night at our wedding reception.  I spent the night at my parents as per tradition.  Spent time with my family and practiced slow dancing with my dad.  It was interesting staying over considering that I have been moved out of the house since April 30, 2005 (last year). So it was the first "sleepover" since the move! I had my old bedroom (Alex took over my room after i moved out) and my old bed so it brought back a lot of memories.  I went to bed at 2 AM and woke up at 8 AM.
The wedding day was incredibly perfect. The best weather that a lucky bride could dream for!  Sunny, warm and gorgeous blue skies! I woke up, had breakfast, showered, and yaya and then Mom and I went to our stylist to get our hair done, and our makeup girl met us there. So both our stylist and makeup girl did a fabulous job! Then my bridesmaids met me at my mom’s and we got ready, and etc. My mother had a surprise for me… we got an videographer (Isaiah and I had no idea until that point). So he was with us all day and through the evening! Also our photographer came to the house and took pics of me, my parents and my bridesmaids.  We all had a little drink before the ceremony (i wanted a half of smiroff ice  so we all had that amount).  Then we went to the church and wow…. it was feeling even more real!!!!! But as everybody knows I was stilll cool–I had been through this whole engagement and the whole wedding week! (not at all nervous, only when Isaiah and I said our vows!) so i was very proud of that. Evidently, I have known for a long time that Isaiah was going to be my husband and we’ve felt married throughout our relationship as well. So for many months, when people asked if I was nervous or getting cold feet, I answered no.  I was ready and still am. It’s the best decision that I’ve made my whole life, to marry Isaiah and I’m only 22! It’s crazy but i love it!  Anyway, back to the ceremony. Everything went perfect, and I only had to look at Father Jim twice when it came to saying the vows (that’s an awesome accomplishment for me!) and Isaiah kept saying that I looked so beautiful. (yes, I got like millions compliments on me, and my gorgeous dress). The whole ceremony itself was amazing! Diane’s quote: the first of my friends to get married!!!!  Afterwards, we were hanging out in the hall and outside of the church for a while before heading on to the old courthouse for the reception and professional pictures. Hehe, my dad was awesome driving us.. honking the horn as we drove the way to the reception…. thanks dad for letting London know! I had to keep looking at the back of the car making sure that Jill was still following us (she was driving the other car with my other bridesmaids) and I remember looking at the girls peeking out the roof with the flowers… Love that!!!
Finally, the courthouse….. we arrived and it was time for the pictures while our guests mingled outside the courtyard for cocktails for awhile. So we got lots of pictures of us together, the bridal party, our families, and guests. David’s quote (photographer): I have to make the bride happy before you (Dylan was getting tired of pictures, sorry!).  I had made an request to have a picture with me and the guys (i had lots with the girls prior to the wedding and so yeah). Then finally…. the actual reception… we had the song… READY TO RUMBLE! for the bridal party introduction… that was cute! The reception itself was amazing… the decorations, the food (thanks Culinary Catering!!!!!), Michael as our DJ for making such an awesome music throughout, and the speeches!!! I was actually nervous about doing it but after Jim had gone up and read out the poem before Isaiah and I had our turn, I was ready to roll and get up there! 🙂 I loved our first dance… amazing! The bubbles blowing!!! I did a lot of dancing that night with a bunch of people, and I mingled with guests as well.  We had the balcony open later that night, so I had carol, me, diane, Isaiah and my family out…..that was neat!  Everyone kept saying that they were having the best time ever. Kathy’s quote: It’s the best wedding I’ve ever attended!  The reception ended around 1 AM but Isaiah and I didn’t get back to our apartment until about 2:30 and yes we made love LOL (but you all know we’ve been active for a long time hehe). 
Okay, I’m going to stop right here and start a new entry for the honeymoon itself 🙂 So hope you enjoyed reading about the wedding!!! 🙂
Love ya all,

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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