Our Honeymoon Juices!

Hey Peeps!
I’m here to share our honeymoon story! We left Sunday May 28 after 8 AM with Robert Q (My parents had picked us up and dropped us off as they wanted to see us off) and off we were to Toronto.  We were at the airport until about 2 PM and boarded our flight to the domician republic. We arrived after 6:30 but we got to our resort about 8:30 and checked in to our room after 9 PM.  LONG DAY!!!!!
I love our resort… Bavaro Princess (yes, all inclusive!). Palm trees, beautiful pools & the beach, gardens, mammals, lmini-zoo, lobby, our room and etc!!!!
Monday was all about checking out the resort area, the beach, the pool, and lobby and the trolly and etc.  That night, we went to the tropical show that the resort was putting on and the disco (girls, i missed London for that though…. i wanted u girls there and our clubs are so much better LOL!)
Tuesday was my favorite day ever on our honeymoon… you know why????? I got my dream to come true!!!! And what was that???? Swimming with the dolphins. We went out of the resort area and went to "Dolphin Island" with a bunch of other people (some were couples). Amazing afternoon! I got my 15 mins of fame with the dolphins (those 15 mins really felt like eternity and I was totally estatic the whole time, ask my husband as he knows it!!!) So I got to swim, touch the dolphins (there were two female ones), got a kiss and a fin shake! Really really awesome!!! Precious memories that I’ll never forget!!!! I have pictures!!! and Isaiah had the videocamera… at one point, I had the two dolphins swimming around me at the same time!!!
Wednesday was alla bout the tanning and swimming around the pool and the beach.  Isaiah and I weren’t feeling well much in the evening so we spent time in our room.
Thursday, we were at the pool and the beach again. Later, the resort had the flea market come there so we did some shopping and later we went to the casino to gamble… we did good actually.
Friday, just a lot of time around the resort, our room, and lots of tanning LOL. Later that nigiht, the resort had a special " honeymoon" dinner for all the couples that just became newlyweds so that was special so we went to a fancier resturant that was still part of the resort. Came in, got a rose, given champange, got pictures taken, the food was amazing, and guess what, there was a piano playing on a boat (we got pics taken of that!)… I was all estatic again LOL feeling like the wedding night all over again.  There was no dance though…   oh yeah, during the day, I participiated in the water araobics.. that was fun (and some dancing LOL).
Saturday was more tanning and swimming again. We requested a late checkout for SUnday as we knew weren’t leaving the resort until like supper time so we got to check out at 2PM instead of the norm of 12 noon. So that was good. So we spent some of Saturday packing and just relaxing.
I got real drunk Sunday… had like 5 drinks of "Sex On the Beach" before we left LOL, but was totally sober by the time we got to the airport. Our flight heading back to Toronto was actually delayed by little over an hour (original departure was for 9:30 and we didn’t leave until like 11 PM) so we didn’t get in T-dot until 3 Am and got back to London via Robert Q at 5:30 AM (just inn time to see the sunrise!). I remember texting my mom letting  her know that we’re back safe and home! (Di, I got your text that you had sent at midnight when we got in toronto around 3 AM as my cell was off the whole flight). 
Anyway, there’s really more to the honeymoon, but that’s the basic highlights and we really enjoyed it. Got a really nice tan and lots of memories within my heart, our camera and videocamera!!!!  Pics are up in the space as well 🙂
we were busy yesterday as after getting 5 hours of sleep once got in our apartment.. .running around, unpacking, seeing our parents, unwrapping wedding gifts and gift cards/$$, bank, shopping and etc. 
I was back at work today. First day back wasn’t bad as I thought it would be. I’m almost caught up on my stuff, should be back on track tomorrow (hopefully!) and so yeah. Isaiah was supposed to be back today but he was still "deaf" (oh yeah, since wednesday of our honeymoon, he was unable to  hear most things so that was interesting, swap of roles LOL).
So yup, there you have it. Have a great night. Next blog will probably be on the weekend. So hang in there!
Mrs. Bowers!

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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