Now, It’s The Last Week Before I Enter My Long-Awaited Marriage! :)

Hi Everyone!


Here I am! So here we go with the update of the rest of the week! Wednesday after work, Isaiah being a sweetheart again, picked me up from work. Got my nails done, we went to White Oaks to shop, and get some pictures developed, dropped off my veil at the bridal store so that they can seam it straight 🙂 I want to not that early that morning on Wednesday that I started to get sick at 4 AM that morning! Ugh! Yeah. However, I should be better by the time my wedding day is here 🙂


Thursday brought excitement though. It was "Wine Preparation Night" In St. Thomas. Me, Isaiah, My mom, Diane, my aunt & uncle all helped bottle and label the wine. 72 bottles are ready for the wedding!!!! Yes, red & white!  Also, I was still sick though. Still okay though!


Friday brought on that I was home sick from work. So I stayed put to recover by sleeping in and just putting around the apartment. Did a couple chores, and met Isaiah at work since he was finishing up and we did some bank stuff, and other things, and then came home.


Today’s Saturday.   My parents and I attended Tammy 2’s wedding… the ceremony was beautiful. Tammy looked fabulous!  The reception was also good. Chatted with the other ladies from the office.  Tammy 1 got the bouquet toss, but I caught one rose LOL ;). Heehee. The bride’s mom put Tammy’s veil on Isaiah and I got a picture of it. It’s hilarious! Haha! There was no dance though because Tammy and Mike were going to Toronto tonight even though they’re not actually honeymooning until Monday.  Isaiah and I also put together a few more things for our reception in the gap between the ceremony and the reception so that’s done! YAY!


Yeah, so that’s that. So look for at least one more update before we’re married! LOL 😉 I know. A week from today!!! Amazing! Heehee!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Love ya all,






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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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