Butterfly Wishes :)

Hi Everyone!!!


I’m here to greet you with the weekend’s craze! Enjoy! LOL. Hope you all had an amazing weekend! I so totally did!!! 🙂


Saturday morning had Isaiah leaving for Niagara Falls with Alan and Scott to spend overnight there. It was typically their last guy "weekend" before Isaiah gets married to me.  Also that morning, I saw my stylist. I got my colour and cut, and last play of bridal hairdo. I love being more blonde now!!! I love it!!!  I’m so happy! I’m at total happiness when I’m blonde ;). I get real sexy! Later in the day, Mark Hedden ( my awesome best guy friend in my life since 2000) and I went bowling for an hour. It was fun. He beat me three games, but I got to beat him in one! LOL. Mark, we need to go again later this summer or maybe mini-golfing instead… but I look forward to seeing you and Karrie at the wedding though!  🙂 Afterwards,   I got the car from mom when Mark dropped me off at my mom’s house. Mom and I had a little visit and talked more about the final details of the wedding.  Then I went to get Mom her mother’s day gift and grabbed Taco bell on the way home as for my dinner. Later in the night, I met up with Carol and a bunch of their family and friends to celebrate Vivi’s birthday at the Barking Frog! I ended up parking at the old sutton office (richmond–you all may know it as the Selby building). It has a huge parking lot LOL.  I was at the Frog until 2 AM!!! (latest i’ve been clubbing in a long time!) I had balls of of fun!!!! J Some pics are already up. I stole some from Carol’s space. LOL, but I took a few more in my camera, so y’all have to wait on that though! It was so totally a crazy hot night! LOL 😀 Ended up staying up until 3 AM before offically going into dreamyland.


   Shopping with Diane was fun on Sunday!!! We should go again, Di!  I still had the Lexus so I picked Diane up from her house around 10:30 AM and we stopped by Chapter for a while since Masonville wasn’t open until noon (it does that on Sundays :P) and then we went shopping for a while. It was a success, eh, Di? J Then I dropped her off back at her house.    Isaiah came home from Niagara later that afternoon so I went back to our apartment to see him for a bit, and then I took off to see my parents for dinner (and to return the car as well).  Isaiah went to see Violet and Scott for their own mother’s day dinner, but he later joined me at my mom’s.  Then Isaiah and I spent the rest of the evening together at home.


Nothing much exciting happened yesterday or today. Just that I’ve been training another coworker to cover some of my job when I am away on my honeymoon. So I’ve stayed at work until close, both yesterday and today.  Extra $$ is good though!


So that’s all that’s new…. Ladies, I really appreciate you guys joining me in the countdown to my wedding. I’m incredibly ecstatic… 11 days to go!!!!!! It’s basically a week and half tomorrow!  Amazing!!!!  So, you guys have to wait until later this week for the rest of the new dibs of my crazy/beautiful life!!


Alright, so that’s it.  Enjoy your evening.. Keep on truckin’! 🙂


The adorable Jules!




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