Wedding Two Weeks Away Now! :)

Hi Everyone!
Hehe, wee hours doing this….. i’m crazy! LOL. Hehe.  The weekend’s been awesome so far.  I’m only sharing Friday’s details along with earlier dibs of the week.  Y’all have to wait until Monday or Tues to get Sat and Sun’s fun crazyness!
I’m tired, so bear with me LOL. Here we go!  Tuesday was all about doing wedding stuff at home, and usual house chores in the evening.  I was only at work for the morning on Wednesday. I had the afternoon off to do a couple wedidng things with my parents.  First it was the final catering meeting… lots of things were changed, set a schedule for the reception part of the wedding day. It should be smoothly! I hope anyway!  Then I had my final dress fitting… It was succesful!  I look so sexy! LOL> I get to pick up my dress May 24 for good & then it’ll be kept at my mom’s until the wedding day!!!!! Then I came home. Isaiah and I then went out again.  Picked up a wedding gift from kingsmills (one of the agents got us a pasta bowl), got Tammy 2 a wedding gift (her wedding’s next weekend), got some bathroom things for us, and once again, early grocery shopping.  I also organized some things inn the computer room. Still not done, but it’s looking better!
Thursday night was just housework and relaxation with my shows of CSI and ER.. Can’t wait for the finales in the coming week. Di will be here to share the excitement then! :)I’m lookin forward to that!
Last night (Friday) was all about Isaiah having his stag night. It turned out to be a big success.. lots of $$ was made!!!  YAY!  I also went to Club 29 with Di.. we were supposed to have more girls with us for my bach party, but oh well.. Di and I still had a good time.. dancing, drinking, pictures and such 🙂 Anyway, that’s about all for now… gotta wait a few more days for the rest of the juicyness of the weekend!  😛 🙂 Hope the rest of your weekend is fabulous!!!
Love ya,

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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