Estatic Sat Morning News! LOL :)

Hi Everyone! 🙂

It’s Saturday, and I finally have time to do this blog! Hehe. It’s been a very busy week at work, and still a good amount of home time and being out LOL

I’ve received like three more gifts at work, and we received one more yesterday. They just keep on comin’ LOL!  Nothing really special occured from Tues to Thursday except that Violet (Isaiah’s mom) came by for a little visit Wednesday night and to see what we’ve received since my 1st shower (April 2) so that was nice.  Also Jill made a quick stop in at the office to give me some stuff. Thanks sweetie!  Miss you and can’t wait to see you soon! 😀

Friday night was balls of fun!  We walked up to Barney’s where, we were meeting Di & Jon and the gang.  So there was a few people that I haven’t seen for a while (some were from JP).  Marlene couldn’t make it due to a workshop in Windsor but i see her next week!  So Isaiah and I were there from 7-11.  I had 4 drinks (1 smiroff that took me nearly the whole time LOL, i was SLOW!, then I had sex on the beach, and 2 swiss berry shot thingy :D). I took some pictures with the new camera. I LOVE IT! LOL. I’m bringing it again next week when I’m out with my girls Friday night to Club 29 😀

I’ll give a little bit of an update on today (Saturday) and then, you’ll get the rest of today and the weekend in the next blog.  

I went to WW with my mom this morning and I had estatic news!  I lost like basically just about three pounds! So almost 10 pounds total (9 as of right now!) I’m so so happy!  My mom was estatic about it too! More motivation for mom too!

Hey guys, THREE WEEKS until OUR WEDDING!!!!!!! It’s coming quick people! We’re very much excited about that and of course our anticipated honeymoon!!!! Imagine, still at 22 and being married and then going on a week vacation! LOL. It’s amazing. I saw one of my brother’s friends last night, and he said that he was so happy for me. I guess Dylan still talks about his sister! LOL 😀

Alright, Enuff for now. So I’ll return later after the weekend’s done! LOL.  Oh yeah, Alex gets confirmed on Monday night so that’s going to be interesting!  so probably when we get back, I’ll do the blog then.  🙂 Have a great weekend!

Love ya,  




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