May’s Buzzing With Happiness! :)

Hi Everyone! 🙂

Here’s the stunning bride to be! So hope you all had a wonderful weekend and having a good week thus far! So read on for the new timbits in what’s happened in Jules life!

 On Saturday, Isaiah and I put together our new bedding stuff on our bed (I had received the rest of it as a shower gift from Friday’s shower)! I LOVE IT! It gives our bedroom more of a romantic feel with gold and red! Hehe J The bedroom should always have ROMANCE!  We also organized the place with new shower gifts and such and we put together our new bookcase. We later went out with Scott S to see Flight 93; the movie based on the events of 9/11 at Silver city. Sad movie though!  However,  itt still doesn’t stop us from flying. We’re flying on May 28th for our honeymoon and returning June 4th.  I did fly once after 9/11 and that was in March ’02 for the last family trip to Fort Lauderdale (Florida).  I just haven’t flown since ’02 because of university and wanting to be home to have the luxury of the Lexus and pet sitting and be with Isaiah. I said that the next time I fly was going to be with Isaiah and it will be soon! J

Sunday marked our one year anniversary of living together! Time flew so quick! Hehe! It’s been an amazing year!!! This time last year we both moved out of our parents houses and moved in together in this apartment! So this is just a toast to celebrate. We had wanted to do this cohabitation before we get married, and we’re so glad. The transition to this has been natural, smooth and amazing, and it continues to do so! We later had dinner with my family, finished up two tasks for the reception with Isaiah and we all watched a movie of “The Constant Gardener”. That movie was okay. 

Monday was yesterday and May 2006 had arrived then!!!! I can’t believe it’s here! 🙂 Being such a sweetie that he is that I love, Isaiah picked me up from work. We went to get my nails done and then on to Canadian Tire to use up most of the gift cards we’ve gotten so far as shower/wedding gifts. So we got some things off our registry from that particular store. Just one thing left on there and that’s the vacuum. Maybe somebody will get that for the wedding day ;). There’s tons things left on the Home Outfitters that we haven’t received yet such has the bathroom towels, and other things so we hope to see those for as wedding day gifts or at least more gift cards 😉 There’s still a little bit left on the LNT’s registry and Kings mills.  Anyway, we came home, and then I discussed of an upcoming girls night over MSN with Carol and Diane. Can’t wait.

Anyway, so that’s what’s new! Yeah, very exciting that there’s only like 25 days as of today as the countdown to our most beautiful, romantic and memorable day ever yet of our lives! We are so looking forward to it.  We’ve been excited since day one of our engagement back in’04. So beautiful that we’re celebrating our five years in love with getting married on May 27th!  Okay, well have a wonderful week. Should have another update around Friday/Saturday! Keep your cool and smile!


Lots of Love,





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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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