Saturday’s Sunny Timbits! :)

Hi Everyone!


Sorry, been a busy week, but here I am with the juices of my life so far LOL.


Monday didn’t have anything exciting to share really. Sorry.  But Tuesday did have some!  Isaiah and I finalized our joint account stuff, requested my new visa (i have better credit that Isaiah has, woohoo!) and paid off my other credit card and got the webbanking set up all at the bank! Also, my bikini came early aka today.  I ordered from VS on April 14 (good friday). I was told that it’d be here by May 5 so it was early.  It fits and i love it.  Isaiah says i’m really sexy :D.  Cant’ wait to sport it more on our honeymoon 🙂


I saw my mom at work on Wednesday. That night, my dad aka the boss took me and the sutton ladies out for dinner in regards  to "adminstrative professional appreciation day". We went to Moxie’s (by the Wellington 8 Theatre). It was a lot of fun. My mom also joined us.  I had the seafood pasta! Mmm!  I also tried this new drink, Bellini (a martini) and i had the "supersize" of that drink 🙂 I also shared a blackberry apple crisp with my dad.


Isaiah and I made an spontageous decision on Thursday when I got home from work to go grocery shopping (we usually do that either Friday or Saturday) so it was a little early.  We also went to Walmart and purchased a new camera (my camera that I’ve used for a longtime went missing last week and still no sign) so this one is still film (not digital) and it has zoom and date imprint. Rock on!  Later, i watched my shows of CSI & ER.


Last night aka Frday.    I had my 2nd (and final) bridal shower! It was hosted by one of the agent’s houses, Jan’s. Thanks Jan! Most of the Sutton ladies were there, and of course we got more presents! Love it!  I was so excited, and so calm! LOL. The main gals that I work with: Tammy 1 (well she’s on mat. Leave right now), Kathy, Susanne and Patricia will be coming to the wedding though! 🙂 


 Anyway, so that’s all that’s new right now.  Enjoy the weekend. I hope to update Monday night.  Until then, be positive and smile all the way through!


Love ya!






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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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1 Response to Saturday’s Sunny Timbits! :)

  1. Micaela says:

    Grocery shopping on Thursday instead of Friday? You kids are CRAZY!!!! just kidding.
    All that bellini talk really made me want one. 🙂

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