Monday’s Bubbly Hellos! :)

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!! I did! 🙂 Very enjoyable!  So here I am to bring you sea music! LOL.  Really, just the updates in the sexy bride to be’s life!

On Thursday, we went out for coffee and dessert  time with Rick and CJ at symposium. It was great. We hadn’t seen the twosomes for a while. They had their first baby, Graydon in early March so they’ve been busy with him and now they’re moving to Ottawa. So we decided to have one last get together. They’ll be back down for our wedding though in May  🙂 Graydon was sleeping the whole time we were at symposium but I got to push him in his stroller through Victoria Park to his parents’ car afterwards. I had a lot of fun doing that. I love babies. I can’t wait to be a mom some day.  Of course, like I’ve said a million times, not for a while!

During work on Friday, I saw Tammy 1 and her daughter, Jasmine. She just gets so much bigger every single time i see her!  I got to hold her, and feed her with the bottle. She puked on my shirt little later, but that wasn’t that bad, and it dried up. Ah well. Later Isaiah picked me up when I was done work. Such as sweetheart! We picked up our passports from C. Post. So we’re more excited even more about the honeymoon! Afterwards, we went to our bank and decided to open up a joint account together.  We decided it was about time to do that, and we’re about to be married, and Isaiah has shown that he’s more ready to be more responsible financially.  After that, we went to Masonville to do some shopping.  I got some new clothes, and I found out that i went down one size!  🙂 I was very thrilled about it. It totally made my night!  We ended our night being out with seeing Silent Hill (the movie) at Huron Market  Place. Personally, i thought it was an okay movie. But anyway! 

Mom and I went to WW. Not much good news. Gained again. BUT my stomach is totally goinng down since i have been walking lots lately, body’s being more toned up and etc. So I’m not really down about it.  I’ll just keep working away at it.  Afterwards, Mom and I finished the rest of the favours for the wedding. YAY! Finally!  We started to prepare something else for the big day.  It’ll probably take one more get together, i think for that particular task to be completed!  Later, I mailed out most of the TY cards in regards to my first shower/gifts. The rest were mailed out this morning.  I have my 2nd shower this Friday!! I can’t wait.  Isaiah and I just enjoyed the rest of the day/evening at home, relaxing and such.

Sunday was so totally movie day! We watched like 4 or 5 in all together. Hehe. We did some bit of cleaning and relaxed around.  Nothing much else exciting on this day.  

Anyway, so there you have Jules’ fun weekend!! There’s more exciting stuff to come this week, and you’ll have to ride out the week tofind out 🙂 Have a wonderful evening, everyone!  




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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