Gorgeous, Gorgeous Week! :D

Hi Ladies & Gentlemen!!!!


Sorry, been a busy gal this week!!!!! So here are the latest in what I’ve been up to!!!!  Here we go, traveling back in time!


 On Saturday, I went to WW with my mom. Though, not much to report. No weight loss this week. Gotta do well next week! Isaiah and I did our grocery shopping.  Also we did one final look at Home Outfitters for our wedding registry.  I also had my nails done as a fill in 🙂 Great stuff. Later on, Isaiah and I saw Scary Movie 4 at Silvercity with Scott SUmmers.  That movie is great, a must see!

Easter was on Sunday!!!! It was a very happy easter! We went to mass with my parents and went back to their house for some brunch.  Yummy stuff!  We also saw both of my grandmothers on this day.  Later on, we had dinner with Isaiah’s parents and Ashley.  We got home around 8 PM.  We just had the rest of the night being together 🙂 

There isn’t much to report for Monday & Tuesday. We just had both nights relaxing at home and doing housework, and etc and working on wedding stuff.   We got our cards from C. Post, looks like our passports have been finished and ready for pick up so we’ll do that on Friday after I’m done work.  Btw,  I got confirmation from VS that they shipped my bikini on Tuesday via C. Post, so it’ll be here soon! 🙂


Yesterday was Wednesday. In the middle of my work day at Sutton, I had just over an hour long of a break and went with my mom to have my final dress fitting (well technically!).  I look so much better than last month! YAY!  We got some pinning in the dress since it was going to be sent to the seamstress for alternations and hemming.  I’m due back there May 10th for 2 PM to make sure it still fits and then i’ll just then be able to pick up the dress during the WEDDING WEEK! 😀  Oh yeah… almost bloody 4 weeks away!!! 🙂 I’m so stoked!!!!!! I can’t wait!!! I looked so beautiful and my mom kept complimenting me!!!  I can’t wait to have people drop their jaws when they see me in this gorgeous dress on May 27th!!!!

Anyway, that’s all that’s new for now… I imagine, there’ll be an update probably Sunday so hang on for the ride until then!!!! Have a wonderful thursday night!! I’ve been loving this amazing gorgeous weather.. I LOVE IT!!! I hope it is this gorgeous on our most amazing, romantic, and loving day of our lives which is jsut nearly FOUR weeks from now!!! It’s insane, but we’ve waited so long… We’ve been together very madly in love with each other for almost FIVE years now, and known each other for nearly SIX years!!!   Btw,  It’s NEXT WEEKEND, that we’ll have lived together for exacty ONE YEAR!!!


Hugs to ALL,






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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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1 Response to Gorgeous, Gorgeous Week! :D

  1. Micaela says:

    Julie I have no doubt that your wedding day will be EXACTLY as awesome and happy as you expect it to be!!! I wish I could see you in your dress!I\’m sure you will look amazing!!It\’s hard to believe that it is coming up soooooo soon. It will be here before you know it!!

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