Start of Easter Weekend! :)

 Hi Everyone!  

Hope you all had a great week! It’s been a pretty good one for me.  Very gorgeous weather most of the week. Thank you sky! LOL 😀

So here’s some blooming timbits!!!!!

I went to work for the morning but then I was home for the rest of the day on Tuesday. I had to be here for the delivery from Sears.  Our shower gift from my mom, the new headboard arrived.  I waited until Isaiah got home from work, and put it together.  Since we had to sort of take the bed apart to attach the headboard to it, we decided to do a little moving.  We moved everything that was in our bedroom to the kitty room which is now called our bedroom.  The kitty room is now in our old bedroom.  It looks amazing.  The headboard looks beautiful. It’ll look more smashing when we have the new bedding stuff on our bed in about a month 🙂 I’ll take pictures of our new room this weekend.

After work on Wendesday, I stopped by the clinic for more BC and booked my annual check up for later in June (June 20  after work to be exact).  I was home for the rest of th enight with Isaiah. There was a big down pour.  Nothing much to do. LOL.

Yesterday didn’t have anything special to report. Just a home night really.  Although, i got my tv night. Just watched CSI and ER, and went to bed at 11:30.  Although, we did order Swiss Chalet for dinner.

 Today’s Good Friday. Work was closed for the holiday all day. So i got my sleep in…. Woke up at 10 AM (note i went to bed 11:30 last nite so lots of sleeping!) Did some cleaning/housework for most of the day, was on and offline… Ordered my new blue bikini from Vic. Secret. Comes to my house May 5! 😀 It’s simple yet sexy! Just in time for the wedding/honeymoon 😉 Carol came to visit earlier this evening… just after 6 and was here until almost 8! Thanks for coming. Love ya.  Can’t wait for the next get together (probably in two weeks time when she’s all done co-op and can celebrate!).

In other news…. if you haven’t noticed.. in about two weeks time as well… we’ll have lived together for EXACTLY ONE YEAR!!!!!! Congrats to us! (and also it’ll be exactly 4 weeks until our WEDDING!!!!). So excited!!!!! I also have my 2nd and last shower on the 28th of this month from the ladies from work!!!!

Things are so awesome and getting more awesome everyday!!! I love my boys.. growing and being so good!


Anyways, have a wonderful EASTER weekend!!!!!!!  Happy Easter!!!


Love ya,






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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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