Blooming Flowers Of Joy!!!!

Hi Everyone!


Hope you had a good weekend!  I did!  I look forward to the coming weekend.. Long weekend.. EASTER!  I have Friday off (but still sadly have to work the Easter Monday. Ah well).  Anyway… back to the weekend…


On Friday night, I went to   Went to an art showing at Museum London with Di and her boyfriend, Jon of almost three years.  It was fun.  Got to meet more people.  Nothing much else happened that night.


Saturday  was a productive day.  At WW, I found out i lost another pound.  Mom and I worked on more of the favours. We’re nearly done. Just one more get together, and it’ll finally be completed! Ø     We also got the wine labels made and done for the wines that we’ll be having at the wedding (my uncle’s making some whites and reds). Afterwards, I had 2nd bridal hairdo trial with my stylist —2 hours of hair fun styling for the bridal day.  Lots of fun. I like the first hairdo he did that day. A lot better than the one he did for v-day.  Later,  Isaiah and I Went to White Oaks, Best Buy, and then came home. Home for the rest of the evening. Just relaxed and later watched A National Treasure and fell asleep.


 Isaiah and I had dinner with my family Sunday night.  It was fun.  After dinner,  we started to watch my shower video that Cousin Michelle filmed on our family’s video camera.   We finished the rest when we got home from my parents.  It was a good video!  Later, I made plans with Carol to possibly  have her visit on Friday afternoon when she’s done work to see me. Work’s closed that day, so i’m evidently home all day! 


Monday was yesterday . Isaiah started his new day shift! I love it.  Totally better than the other shifts he’s had in the past year.  I made plans with Sarah via MSN to see her at William’s Cafe on Thursday after work.  It should be great to see her. She couldn’t make it to my shower, and she’s over 3 months pregnant now.  There isn’t much to say from last night.  Just basically relaxed with Isaiah and watched WWE’s Monday Night RAW with him. 


**We know a little bit more of our honeymoon as of Friday.  The destination itself is still a SURPRISE to us. We won’t know until our wedding.  However, we know when we’re flying and etc.  We leave Sunday May 28th in the morning to Toronto by Robert Q and fly from Toronto to our destination. We’d be there later in the afternoon/Early Evening . We return  late Sunday June 4th to Toronto about 2:00 in the MORNING–so techically Monday June 5th! (I believe that we have a 9 PM flight from our destination) and then the robert q back to london .. so we’d be back at our apartment about 4 or 5 AM. It’s definite also that  we’re having Monday June 5th off work for the both of us!!!! as well.  But we’re very excited and knowing that we’re flying and have belief we’re further beyond the USA.  We’ll have to wait and see to find out!!!!!! Regardless, together we know that we’ll have such an amazing honeymoon week!!!! ***


Anyways, that’s all for now.  Enjoy the beautiful weather and May’s coming up so fast!!!








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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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