A Basket of Warm Wishes! :)

Hey Hey!


I’m back. So, here’s more dibs of this week so far.  I got to spend Tuesday night with Isaiah.  Really, nothing really special to report of that particular time though.  

Wednesday brought on a productive morning with Isaiah!  We had a final meeting with our pastor, did the paperwork needed for the ceremony as well with him.  Afterwards, we went to City Hall and got our marriage license. YAY! We also dropped it off with our pastor to send it to St. Mike’s with the paperwork so they have it for our wedding day. Then we went to the passport office to drop off our passports stuff and get it processed!  We get it in about two weeks time J.  Isaiah found out that he would be having a new DAY shift next week (starting next Monday) from 6:45 AM until 3:30 PM Monday to Friday. We’re thrilled about Isaiah finally having a really decent shift (after having worked at his job for about almost three years now). So we’ll get to have the evenings together and of course our weekends!  So it’s really been an ecstatic morning! We had a about an hour together at home afterwards. We had a quite bit of a workout with all that walking around downtown for about two hours. Then I left for work in the afternoon, and worked until close with Tammy 2. 5 hours of work wasn’t too bad LOL J.  Isaiah picked me up from work! J Such a sweetheart! Later,   Isaiah and I found out a little more about our honeymoon dibs from my parents. It’s very likely that we’re flying the next day after the wedding, Sunday May 28th from Toronto to our destination and returning to London on Sunday June 4th!  So it’s obvious that on our return that we’ll be opening our wedding presents (either Sunday June 4th or Monday June 5th   for sure). Also that wherever is that we’re staying at is all inclusive and that it has some “honeymoon” extras to the package so we’re really looking forward to finding out where is really our destination on our rehearsal day, Friday May 26th since that part of our honeymoon is still a surprise!!!!!! I can’t wait for us to go on our honeymoon!!!!! : D.  In the evening,  I started doing the thank you cards for the shower gifts that I received on Sunday. I still have a bunch more to do, but it’ll be finished by the weekend for sure! 

Thursday is today.  I had some news at work.  I found out that work is officially throwing me a shower on Friday April 28th for 7 PM at one of the agent’s houses.  Whoo-hoo! A second shower. Should check back on the registry this weekend, and see if we can add more things so that people don’t run out of things to buy LOL!  I also did more of the shower cards to thank people  tonight. Still not done, but almost there.  Only 10 left to do (there was a lot: 41 to do.. 31 has been done so far). 

Anyway, so that’s that so far of my week.  Hope you guys have been having a good one too!  You’ll have to wait for the weekend dibs until Monday. Have a super weekend, people!!!





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