April Showers!!!! :)

Hi Everyone!


Here’s the sexy bride to be to share her fun-filled weekend! However, Friday was just a regular home Night for Jules.


Saturday was a long, busy but fun day. I got the car from mom about 9:30 AM. I went to WW and found that I lost 2 more pounds.. So ye ah, just about a total of 8 Pounds!!! After that, I came home to chill a bit and wait for Isaiah to arrive home wtih our groceries (he had his mom’s car) and lunch.  After putting away food and having lunch, then I went shopping and Isaiah left to spend the resto f the day with his family.  I got my nails done and made another trip to masonville. Bought some thank you cards fro thee shower gifts and a new top.  Later, I picked up Emily, and Diane.  We met up with my other bridesmaids at Kelsey’s for dinner. I was treating my ladies to dinner as my advance thank you for throwing me the shower (which is the next day) and a chance to for all to meet and talk and etc 🙂 It was a wonderful dinner outing! I drove Di to her boyfriends so that she could spend time with him before going home for the night. I brought Emily back to my place and we had our own personal catch up and etc. I later drove her back to her parents in Byron and then joined Isaiah and his family for a movie at Violet’s (Isaiah’s mnom) and then came home with Isaiah.  We stayed up till 2 (yes, we had changed the clocks but really, it was technically 3).



 I had my bridal shower at my mom’s house for 2:00 in the afternoon  that the bridesmaids had hosted for meJ So much fun.  Amazing afternoon. The weather was gorgeous. Pool was having the waterfall running.  So many ladies came to my shower!  I was ecstatic!  Mingled with everyone, had a lots of presents opening (beautiful gifts!!!!), awesome food, and the cake, and I had a special arch with roses and lights around my chair, three games were played (trivia of our relationship, purse power, and toilet paper bride), and lots of pictures opportunity. Cameras snapping everywhere. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF MY BRIDESMAIDS FOR HOSTING THE SHOWER: CAROL, JILL, DIANE, EMILY AND ASHLEY!!!!!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! There was a shower guest book for me to keep, so ladies that came left me messages and etc.  Thanks to Jill who gave me a ride home later on in the evening. I asked my “readers” at the shower to do some reading for our ceremony.


Monday was tonight. Isaiah came with me after work to my mom’s house, and we brought home most of my shower gifts. I love it.  We had a full carload of stuff LOL! We spent this evening putting them around our apartment, and etc.  Also we went out to dinner and etc.  Yup, and now just a relaxing night for the rest of our evening.


**By the way, over the weekend… we finally booked a rehearsal date for our ceremony.  Friday May 26th, 5PM ST. Mike’s Church with our Pastor!! **



Anyway, so there you have my beautiful weekend update. I’m working on getting the new pictures done soon… shower/and the rest of the winter pics so don’t worry. Hang on!  However, i uploaded some pics from the night Di and I hung out back in late February over the weekend. So you can have a look at those fo now (and they include my boys as well!). More to come later this week. Enjoy your night! Nighty-night!


Much love,




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