Finally! Spring-Like Weather! Great Start to The Week!

Hi Everyone!!! Here I am with the weekend’s juicies! So stroll down to see what happened! 🙂


On Saturday, I went to WW with mom. No change really.  We both got to really push for next weekend for some more good weight loss!  Later in the afternoon,  Carol visits for an hour—wonderful to see her. The visit was sweet but too short LOL.  Oh well, maybe I’ll get to see her sometime during the week besides the dinner thing Saturday and my shower Sunday. Keep fingers crossed!  Then, I just had a relaxing night with Isaiah. I had a really nice long conversation via MSN with Di. Love it! LOL.  I later fell asleep on the couch for like little over an hour and then Isaiah unexpectedly carried me to bed. It was so SWEET!  I love my husband to be! 🙂


Sunday was super uber lazy day during the day.  We later went to dinner at my parents’ house but dinner was just with mom and Alex.  Dad was away. We came home just about 8:00.  From there, it was like madness. I went on a hunt for my birth certificate because I need it for the passports. It’s nowhere to be seen. Thanks to Mark for finding me the online application for a replacement and I’ll get the new one in 15 days. I really appreciate your help a lot, Marky! 🙂 *hugs*   So it wasn’t much of a relaxing night for the both of us much, but oh well. The last hour was nice though, cuddling in bed and just being together drifting off to sleep.


Today’s Monday… YAY for spring like weather. Thank you, sky! FInally!     Super busy at work! My goodness! It’s the season for the house-buying craze now! LOL. Maybe we’ll be able to get started with our own house hunting/buyin craze sometime this year, (more like summer/fall).  Btw, today’s also the 27th!!!! 8 WEEKS TO GO UNTIL OUR WEDDING.. INSANE BUT YAY!!! 😀



Anyway, so that’s all updated for now!!!!  So have a wonderful night, peeps! Enjoy the spring like weather all week. Forecasters are prediciting to be that long so rock ON!  Sport out just sweaters… no jackets LOL 🙂






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1 Response to Finally! Spring-Like Weather! Great Start to The Week!

  1. Micaela says:

    I thought I lost my birth certificate when I needed a new passport last month but luckily my mom happened to have an extra copy of it! Passports are so much stress but they are worth it in the end when you get to go somewhere. Which… I didn\’t 😦 but in May I\’m hoping to go away with the best friends.
    Oh and I applied at the hospital today! To work with Carol! So we will see where that takes me. She\’s been trying to get me to apply there for about… oh… 7 years so she should be happy about that!!
    Mic xoxox

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