Winter Wonderland AGAIN? Heck NO!

Hi Everyone!


Hope you all are having a blast this weekend! 4 days have gone by. Where does the time go really? LOL.  So we must travel back in time to Tuesday.  Read on find out what went on with the rest of my week!


Tuesday brings that  Isaiah was still at home after spending the day with the guys and recovering from his wisdom tooth Monday.


 Isaiah did a really big cleaning of our place, “spring cleaning” as you can call it on Wednesday!   Everything looks so neat, and spotless and some things have been moved around. I love it! Thanks sweetie.  I love this new look and together we will keep it this way LOL.  Our place has been in a good shape, just that there’s a not a lot of time in our lives right now to do a really good clean, and while I do maintain housework and cleaning during the week nights that I am home and Isaiah’s at work, it’s still not enough.  I went to Mom’s after work.  Updates on wedding stuff.  18 replies for the wedding invites have arrived so far.  LOL. Still many on the way LOL. Guests have until May 5 to reply!  Got more favors done.  Shadow got a new collar. It’s yellow. Do you guys remember me telling you a while back that the kitty had PINK? LOL. That’s now gone.


I really don’t have anything exciting or special to report for Thursday. So thus, nothing. Isaiah was home again though. So we got to be together.


Yesterday was friday.  A snowing friday that is! Ack!  Anyways,  Isaiah surprises me at work at the end of my shift. We went to the mall for a short period of time. I just got a couple new necklaces, and more sexy underwear 😉 LOL.  Isaiah just got a few things, but he surprised me with a bouquet of 12 roses J. He’s SO amazingly sweet! I love him so much. Really, I fall more and more in love with him everyday, and we’ve been together for nearly five years (2001) and known each other for nearly 6 years (2000).  I can’t wait to marry him. I’m so lucky to have found him at a ripe age of17 and I’m now 22 going on 23 when I have my wedding in nearly two months (YES, that’s right, it’ll be 2 MONTHS TO GO AS OF THIS COMING MONDAY, THE 27TH!!!!).  I really celebrate our blessing to be together everyday J Anyways; we later ended up going out with Scott Summers. Grabbed a late snack at Kelsey’s and then we went to Scot’s Corner for drinks. I had a really tall glass of Sex on the Beach and half of a bottle of Smirnoff Ice.



Anyway, it is Saturday, but i’m leaving today’s dibs for the next blog. So just ride the weekend away and you’ll get the next destination of things in a few days. LOL.  Be such a positive sushine to those who love you and are in your life.  Be of a support and cheer people on in what they are up to at this current time, such as finishing up university, finding summer jobs and what not.


Much Love,






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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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