Happy Spring!

Hi Everyone!!!! 


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We’re back to the beginning of the week now eh? LOL. Well, well, it’s supposedly spring 2006 now, but not really. You know why? Because we’re still having a winter from hell weather. GRR!!!! I want the gorgeous sunshine and bringing on the springy heat and have flowers blooming! LOL.


 All of us must be rooting for TGIF once again LOL!  So here are the weekend dibs of my crazy and beautifu life!


On Saturday, there was no WW update. Mom was sick and I went back to bed longer, so we’ll have to go next week for our new weight in. Later, Isaiah and I did one last run at Home Outfitters to make final additions to our wedding registry.  I finally got my nails professionally done! YAY I love it! Power gel set. $30. Out in half hour! LOL. Speedy yet amazing job of a nail service. Probably go to this place for my bridesmaids and myself to go to get our nails done the day before the wedding. It would be umber fun! Afterwards, we picked up extra food items, kitty litty and grabbed lunch on the way home. We were indeed home or the rest of the day and night. Just relaxed a lot. We both wanted to stay in, didn’t feel like going out. We were asked to join Scott at a bar, but we declined and we had been out for quite a bit earlier.  We also worked on one of our surprises together for the wedding. You all will have to wait until the big day to find out LOL!


Sunday sprung around and we slept in until about 10 or 11. Again, another full day of relaxation and into the evening as well. Also did some housework and etc.  We didn’t see either parents for dinner. We have started to have a weekend or two per month to just have dinner at home/full weekend to ourselves (and of course plans with friends if so).  I later made some plans via MSN to see people this week. I already knew that I’m at my mom’s Wednesday night to work on more of the favors with my mom.  Sarah’s coming over for a visit Thursday. She’s very pregnant now, 15 weeks. So just little over three months! I’m going to see if we can get some pics taken that night. It’d be umber cool! LOL.  I have plans Friday night to go to a bar and a club later on with a friend.  Should be fun! LOL. 


Monday is ta ta, today!   Isaiah had his wisdom teeth pulled earlier today while I was at work so he’s home tonight and tomorrow.  He is spending during the day with the guys tomorrow though. Ah, well it’s fine LOL. I’ll get to be with my sweetie in the evening.   I love seeing him when I’m home and etc. Earlier, I talked to Carol on MSN. Might see her either tomorrow night or on the weekend. We’ll see. I haven’t seen my best friend in forever. She’s been all tied up in co-op and her real job. Busy lady that she is! Congrats to Carol also for getting ito Kings College for September!!!! That’s so awesome babes!


So anyway, so that’s what’s *NEW* LOL. Have a wonderful evening. More news will be spoiled later in the week.


Lotta Love,






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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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1 Response to Happy Spring!

  1. Micaela says:

    Hey Julie!! I NEED summer to come SOON too… winter just is NOT my thing at all. I look on weathernetwork.ca every day to see if its going to get warm anytime soon… it\’s getting there… but still nothing close to what it should be!! Anyways, by April I refuse to see even the TINIEST bit of snow!!!
    Your wedding plans sound like they are coming along nicely… very exciting!!! Seems like SO much work though. I think I\’m just going to get married in Vegas… actually on a beach somewhere down south. Yes sounds good.
    I hope you get a chance to see Carol!! I definitely do NOT see her enough, or you for that matter. Talk to you soon!

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