Giddy Jules Here :)

Hi Everyone! 


Hope People are enjoying the sunshine today despite the really cold chills!  Anyway, i’m here to ride you up on the life trails of Jules’s life this week. So we last left off with Tues.

So we’re to begin in theWednesday zone. LOL.  I went to the bank after work.  I also basically had a relaxing night and did some house work. I finally got to talk to mily online for what seems like ages ago last we talked and to Di as well.  I later crashed on the couch after 1 AM and slept until just before Isaiah returned home from work.


So Thursday, I had the day off. I spent the morning with my sweetheart. What a wonderful morning!  The afternoon was spent at my mom’s house doing the favors. We got started and got quite a bit done. Still not done. I’ll be back there on Wednesday night to finish hopefully. Afterwards, we went to my dress store to have my 2nd last fitting, simply to make sure I still fit in it (and I Still do!).  Last summer and since then, I’ve gained some weight and I’ve started the process of losing it since February so I’m getting there. I’ll have my last fitting just about after Easter. Also Dylan and Alex got their tux fitting, finally! J We all grabbed dinner and ate it downstairs, Dylan’s place. I returned to my place just after 7:30.  I also got an email from Emily this morning asking if we can hang out Friday night (tomorrow) since she’ll finally be back in London and so we are! She’s here tomorrow night and I can’t wait!


Friday was yesterday.  I came home after work and a couple hours later, Em was here.     Emily’s visit tonight was fantastic! I hadn’t seen her since November. She was here from 7 until 11. Nice 5 hours!Chatting up a storm surrounding wedding talks and etc. We really love our visits.  Em’s in my wedding party, and she got engaged herself last August. Em’s set to marry her long time lover on July 14, 2007.  Anyway, I’ll see her again at my bridal shower in about two weeks time!  Then, i just stayed up and did some stuff.  Later, CRAZY grocery shopping time happened after Isaiah returned home from work.  Finally went to bed at nearly 5 AM. Insane!


Anyways, it’s saturday, and i’m going to put off today’s dibs until the next blog. Hehe. Gotta have patience! LOL.   Have a great weekend!!!








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