Tuesday’s Wintery Night Of Chills!

Hi Everyone!


Hope the weekend ended on a wonderful note for all of you.  So anyway, here i am to spill of my Sunday, yesterday and today.


On Sunday, I got to sleep in until noon. I love sleeping in when I can. It’s wonderful!  I also had a relaxing afternoon with Isaiah. I love spending time with my honey!  We celebrated my little brother, Alex’s birthday of turning 14 at Kelsey’s with the family (me, Isaiah, Dylan, Sarah, Alex, mom and Dad).  It was a fun time.  We also had cake and Alex’s opened his gifts afterwards back at the Maitland house. Then,we had the rest of our evening back at our place, relaxed and watched a movie, and i fell asleep during it LOL. Typical  Jules on Sunday night!


  Yesterday aka Monday, I went over to Mom & Dad’s after work to have dinner and just spend time with the family. The invitations went out earlier today, finally! That’s all done! I’ve been notified already, that some people already got them! Fast mail service eh?  My parents and me also went  to St. Thomas to visit my Uncle Butch and Aunt Ingrid later in the evening.  My uncle’s making them for our wedding, so he wanted to make sure he makes the right wine for both white and red.  So it was fun wine tasting. Tried three different whites and 2 different reds. The 3rd white and the 2nd red were to my liking. So now, that’s all taken care of. Also my aunt’s making bows for the ceremony/reception areas. So my aunt showed my mom and me of how the bows are going to be like, and they’re white and big enough! Good stuff!  


Tuesday is today.  I booked Thursday off work to spend the day with my mom and maybe my cousin Jill if she decided to come down to London for a visit.  Tonight is just a relaxing night at home and usual housework stuff.  I miss Isaiah though. Wish he was only working days instead of nights, but oh well.   I still get his calls on his breaks so that’s still good, and help us get through the nights apart.


Anyway, I also want to give personal congrats to our friends, Rick and Cathi-Jo.  They offically became parents to their first baby boy, Graydon. He was born March 2nd at 11:15 PM!  So CONGRATS! I know three more people that will be offically parents this year.  Isaiah’s cousin Sharmane who’s having her third child in May.  Isaiah’s cousin Shannon has her first baby in September and in that same month,  my best friend Sarah has her first baby too! It’s gonna be interesting! 🙂


So there you have my blog for today.  Wish for another one maybe Friday.  Until then, make the week exciting as you can!








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