Tis Time To Rise N’ Shine! :)

Hi Everyone! Hope you all have been enjoying your weekend to the fullest! I have so far! LOL. 


Let’s travel back in time to  Thursday! It was just a relaxing night. Ordered dinner IN lol.  I also watched myshows of CSI and ER.  Just before bed, I also  put in the movie The Italian Job to wiatch. Boy, I’ve been into movie mood this week! Movie Jules! 😀


Friday turned out to be  Another night at home. Boring! I was wishing that  Isaiah was home LOL.  Ah, well, we’ll have saturday and Sunday together 🙂 However, somepoint into the night, I had a Wonderful MSN conversation with one of my longtime childhood best friends, Sarah.  She’s currently 3 months pregnant, due in September. I saw her about a month ago.  I might be able to go to one of her near future ultrasounds. It’d be really neat! We haven’t seen each other often in the last few years. Seriously, it hasn’t anything to do with our friendship, we’ve just really busy lives, and doing our own thing. Sarah’s coming to the wedding, of course!  She wouldn’t miss my big day for the world 🙂


Saturday was so wonderful outside! YAY for London finally getting warmer weather!!! I hope it keeps up!  Mom and I went to w.w.  It went okay.  Afterwards, isaiah and I did more of the wedding invites with Mom! We got more done.  The invites will be finally officially done Monday night when I go back to the house to finish the rest, i believe.  We want to be able to get the invites out in the mail sometime this week.  Then, we went to  Masonville mall for a little while.  Fun stuff.  Then we were home for a few hours.  We watched prime. We later went to silvercity with scott summers and saw "the hills have eyes". I didn’t really like it one bit. Just how the movie was made, and the story line. very digusting! I mean, it’s not your normal  scary movie or horror :S.  When we came home, we watched speed.  LOL.   I’ll tell ya, both isaiah and i are movie buffs. LOL. We began a dvd collection about 2 1/2 years into our relationship, and it keeps growing.. We did have a membership with columbia house for a while.  We’ve stopped that of course, and now we just buy movies locally.  We might go back to them later on, we’ll see.


Anyways, it’s sunday, and i’m going to hold off today’s dibs until the next blog.  So just stay sane! LOL.  Enjoy your day!  Smile and just be your crazy self! 😉


Love ya all,







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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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