Jules’ Mid Week Juices!

Hi Precious Peeps!  Hope your weekend had ended on a peachy note and also that your week is coming along swimmingly! LOL>  So you rang for a much needed new dibs of Jules’ life? One moment, and it’ll be there to read on. Just hang on!


Saturday night  consisted of us doing our groceries late in the night, like after 9:30. We hadn’t done it that late in a while. We stopped by   Starbucks and subway on the way home as I had a craving for my favorite caramel apple cider, and subway was our late dinner.  We later watch  the show Trading Spaces, and then the movie of House of 1000 Corpses.  We concluded our night and into dreamyland together between 2 and 3 AM.


Sunday was def pure relaxation as Saturday was as well. We later have dinner with Violet and Scott.  All of us played cards. Total fun stuff.  Afterwards, we had the rest of the evening together at home. We basically relaxed and watch Million Dollar Baby.


Monday was really a major stressful day at the office. I don’t have much of those days but when I do, it’s insane!  We got a new server, so our computers were having a hard time working, and etc.  I didn’t even get Lonewolf working on my computer until 4 PM!  My office email wasn’t working for most of the morning. My printer was told it wasn’t installed.  It was evcntually fixed though.  I did manage to get most things caught up by 5:15 and got a ride home. Plus the office has been installed of a new alarm system.  Isaiah surprised me when I got home.  I was expecting him to be at work.  He got the night off. Isaiah said he missed me too much during the day. Hehe.  We made dinner together and just relaxed for the rest of the night together.  We also obtained email accounts with Rogers. Yeah, I know we could have set it up last summer, but we were too lazy and too busy then. LOL. So I have my married name in my new rogers email. Not going to use this account much till after the wedding 🙂


Tuesday night was superb once again.   Isaiah was home again, so I got to have the night with him. Lovely night! We watched Gone in 60 Seconds later in the night, and started watching another movie, but I fell asleep in his arms. So comfy! LOL.


Wednesday is today.  I went to Masonville after work. I bought Alex’s birthday gift. He’s going to be 14 on Sunday! We will be giving Alex his gift on Sunday as well as we are having dinner with my family as it’s their turn this week as planned.  My feet are so sore now.  Wish I had those foot massage machines or something!


Anyway, there you have the update! Enjoy your evening.  The weather’s supposed to hit in the early teens on Friday. Finally! LOL.  I look forward to the weather getting much warmer soon.  Spring isn’t too far away from being the new season of 2006!  More life treats will be revealed over the weekend, I would think.  Sport a positive attitude for hte rest of the week! 🙂


Lotta Hugs,








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    u are weird

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