Will March Bring Us A Sunset of Winter into Lavendar Sunrise Of Spring?

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen!


It’s the weekend and hope that you guys make the best of it by enjoyhing the things you do (even those things that you don’t really care much for).  I’m here to give you the latest dibs of the rest of my week.


On Wednesday, I got to see my mom at the office all morning. That was super nice.  I picked up my March bus pass after work. I got an surprise when I got home.  Isaiah got the night off because he misses me and wanted us to be together the whole night instead of just working away at Teletech until 3 AM. He had dinner all ready for us.  It was a wonderful evening to be with him. We had a lot of relaxation and just enjoying our time together. We eventually watched My Best Friend’s Wedding. LOL. I was in a wedding movie mood! We’re really looking forward to our May wedding. It’s coming up so fast. Everything is going to be so incredibly amazing, the day itself!


Thursday had  Tammy 1 coming  in the office this afternoon with her just about 2 month old daughter, Jasmine. She’s so beautiful. I got to hold her like I have with her previous visits. I look forward to the day that Isaiah and I will finally become parents. Of course, not for a while though. We’re still such loving parents to our kittens, Sherlock and Husky.  They stay with me when they want to be on me for a while, snuggle and etc.  It’s very hearty!   Carol and I were supposed to get together after work as planned, but due to the incredibly snowy weather, it didn’t happen. We were down about it, but there’s talks of the postponed get together to be sometime next week, more like on the weekend but we’ll see!


Friday was last night.  I spent the majority of the evening with my parents. I went to their house after work.  Mom and I started putting the invitations together.  We’re not done yet though. We’ll have to plan another day soon to finish up and then mail those out to our guests!  My mom showed me her dress that she bought that she would be wearing for the wedding. It’s lavendar with some shimmers of silver.  It’s pretty. She didn’t get to model the dress for me as it was late when she showed it. Next time, she will. I love the dress though.  Later, Dad, mom and myself go to one of the Sutton agents, Ron and his wife Jen’s part at Fatty Patty’s. It was a fun night.  I got home around 11:30.  Yes, not so late, but anyway.  I was up until just after 1 AM and went to sleep.  2 hours later, Isaiah’s hoem from work and comes to bed ;).


Saturday is today.  I had  W.W with Mom this morning.  I lost 2 pounds this week. I’m on my 5th week now.  For the last 4 weeks, I’ve lost a total of ALMOST 6 pounds!!!!! I’m very estatic and positively more motivated to want to reach my goal! Simply today, it’s just a relaxing day at home and doing some house work.  We’re possibly going to do our grocery shopping late tonight.  Yes, those late night runs! LOL =)   Just really enjoying our day together really. We didn’t really get to see each other much this week aside from the Wednesday night he took off work to be with me.


Anyway,  I’ll add on more of Saturday if anything else happens for the next blog and of course Sunday and whatever days that follow after . Enjoy your weekend everyone.  Make one beautiful sunset Sunday 😉


Lotta Love, 






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