Last Day Of February!!!!

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all are having a great week so far.  Things have been fantastic so far!  Read on to see the latest dibs of  Jules and her life!

Sunday was mostly our   Part III  (final session) of  our marriage prep session @ St. Pat’s which went well. We got our certificate for completing the course and the ladies each got one red rose. That was a surprise!

Afterwards, we had to return my beloved Lexus and had dinner & visit with my parents which went good. All had yummy dinner and we attended Alex’s hockey game at WFC. Alex’s team won! Whoo-hoo! Then, wehad the rest of our evening at home, relaxation and movie time  of course. We watched RENT. Not as great as I thought it would be but hey, no more what ifs or anything of that sort with the movie!


Monday was simply  Home night for Jules. Isaiah starts his new shift of 6:15 PM until 3 AM (got a new promotion at work last Wednesday). I HATE the shift, but he’s had it before. However, it was like way before we lived together and things are little different now, I’m working and etc. Hopefully, this shift is only for a month. I really want Teletech’s to have a shift bid for Isaiah and the crew soon! More wedding news to share: Our invitations have arrived. So just need to put them together and then they’ll be ready to be mailed out 🙂 I love how they look and etc. It’s very pretty is all I’ll say 🙂 My mom also said that she finally got her dress for our wedding. I haven’t actually seen it yet but from what she says, it sounds really pretty and it’s lavendar! 🙂


Tuesday is tonight.    Diane visited  here not long after I got home from work. We had a great time!!!! We cooked dinner: chicken breast and Cesar salad. Yummy! And some white wine! Hehe!  Lots of play time with the kitties, and talking and taking pictures and oh yeah, we watched Erin Brockvich (the one with Julia Roberts). We were together for like 4 ½ hours. Love LONG visits. They’re great!  Thanks for coming by, babe.  Definitely plan another one or two before the wedding for sure! 😉


Anyway, more of the weekly fun will be presented on the weekend for sure.  Until then, hold your horses!






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