Here’s A Shower Of Peachy Smiles! :)

Hi Everybody!

Hope you all are well! He he. Hope the weekend’s being peachy precious to you! We’re actually having a good weekend so far.  Here’s the lowdown from Thursday.  Go on and find out! 

On Thursday after work, I went to W.W. –no change from last week: P Bummer! Well, I plan to do better for next week!  Plus, it was early. I normally do this on Saturdays with my mom. I was on my own this time and I have this marriage prep weekend to attend at St. Pat’s Parish with Isaiah.  After W.W, I went shopping at Masonville.  I purchased new blue sexy lingerie and a black bra. Sexy stuff *wink* I also got myself a new pair of sandals for the spring and summer since my old leather ones broke in September, and I haven’t found any ones similar since until now. I love my new ones. I can’t wait to start wearing them as soon warm springy weather hits LONDON! I can’t wait! They’re black leather and Tommy Hilfiger.  I got actually good deal and this was NEW arrival.  It was only $58 (of course plus taxes). So rock on!

Friday rolls around, Isaiah picks me up from work at the end of my office day. Once again, the darling sweetheart! I love those rides to/from work with Isaiah whenever possible! By the way, the office was SUPER BUSY all day. I was going nuts and I got most things done.  What didn’t get done will definitely be completed Monday! J  Afterwards, we went to our Marriage Prep Weekend (Part 1) @ St. Patrick’s Parish from 6:30 until 9:30 PM. It’ had an nteresting introduction to the weekend.  Great group of people, and the course is great.  It’s not as bad/scary as we originally thought it would be.  The course is more focus on the marriage overall and about us as a couple rather than the church/the religions views. Then, we went to blockbuster and picked up more new movies (just two) and then we went to the last half of Alex’s hockey game at Stronach arena. We saw my parents, Dylan, Sarah and Dylan’s friend too. It turned out to be a tie-tie game.  A few hours later, I was sleeping but Dylan dropped off the Lexus keys at 1:30 AM to Isaiah since we are having the car for the rest of the weekend.  Late though, because he was supposed to come at 12-12:30 but anyway, we got the keys!

Saturday is today.  For most part of our day, we went to the 2nd part of our Marriage Prep Weekend Part II @ St. Pat’s from 9:00 AM until 3 PM. Interesting day as it was from Friday night. We had breakfast and lunch with them, and along with discussions with our little group and experienced life story telling from older generations applied to topics and etc. After our day at St. Pat’s was completed, we went to White Oaks mall for a bit. I just bought new bath stuff 😉 and the DVD of RENT which we will watch tonight. I’ve wanted to see this for a long while. On our way back, we ordered Swiss Chalet by phone and had them deliver to our place and ate it here when it arrived.  Basically, just a very relaxing evening at home. We’re too energized out to go out or do anything fun and PLUS the snow is still coming down from the sky like bonkers-crazy!  I do love driving and the Lexus, but I can handle some time at home too J I’ll get to do some more driving tomorrow J Tomorrow’s our last session for the marriage prep weekend. We’re there from 10 until 3, and should be interesting.

So you have most of our weekend update.  Obviously, you’ll get Sunday’s in the next blog and so on. Hope you all have a great end to the weekend and be jolly!  More trails next time!

Much Love,




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