Teddy Beary Wednesday :)


Hi Everyone!  *WAVES*

Here’s the lovable Jules here once again to spill out super fab updates of her precious loving life! Read on to find out what’s happened! 🙂

 Our wedding registry is now finally completed… 4 locations as of Sunday!! Should be plenty for those who are coming to our wedding to choose from as our wedding gift. We also did our usual grocery shopping.  We later had dinner and played cards with Isaiah’s parents.  It was a good night.  It went longer than originally planned though. Oh well. It’s okay.

Monday tells you that  Isaiah drove me to work in the AM. What a sweetheart! He had the car for the day to do some banking stuff and etc.  We had the evening together; just relaxed, watching RAW, SAW II and etc. Nice time being together J

On Tuesday, we found out that our invitations are being shipped to London tomorrow aka Wednesday and we’d get them in 3 to 5 business days.  That’s exciting stuff. Making the wedding even more official and very real, and the invitations will be going out within a few days after that finally to our guests! Also, I   Went to the bank after work to pay visa bill and stopped by Mariposa in Galleria mall and got a black sweater-like coat whichever call it. It’s cute. I like it. I can wear when the weather’s a bit warmer and ideally more spring like and for clubbing nights over my sexy tops and etc: D. Heehee. 

It’s Wednesday aka today. This morning, I saw mom at work. She was there for a short bit. It was still very nice to see her as always! Nothing else is new at least work-wise for me.  Isaiah got a new position at work. He had the interview yesterday, and he got it. He had training today, and his new shift (will know what the hours are as of Friday and will be effective Monday).  So that’s exciting.  I know that whatever shift he has, we’ll work around it as we have for so long now.

So that’s about all that’s crazily new in Jules’s life so far.  Hope you guys have been enjoying your week so far!  Things are about to get more interesting in the next few days.  We have our anticipated marriage preparation weekend with St. Patrick’s Parish starting Friday night through Sunday.  Friday’s is more of an introduction thing.. only 3 hours.  Saturday and Sunday’s sessions are long, but we’re done after 3 PM. So we can still enjoy the weekend together and do things if we wish to do so! 🙂

Have a great evening!




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