Saturday’s Smile Therapy! :)

Hi Everybody!!!!


Hope peeps have been enjoying themselves this week. I have so far LOL. So you rang for new trails?  Okay dokie.  Venture into the sunset. Heh!


There wasn’t a whole lot to say for Thursday. Just that work was super slow that day.  I enjoyed my shows of CSI..lots! ER wasn’t on. Oh well! Hopefully, next week!


On Friday,Tammy 1 came to visit at work again with Jasmine. I just love Jasmine. She’s such a adorable baby. You all know I still desire of a being a mom young (just like being married young).  Just that, we can’t have a baby right now. We’re at the moment finishing planning of our wedding, and then it’ll be getting our house and our cars, and etc. Also, we want to have those three years of just being newlyweds along with all those goals mentioned to be accomplished. Maybe when I’m 26, we’ll be ready. It’ll be worth the wait though, getting pregnant and then being parents for a lifetime.  After work, I went to Kings mills with Isaiah and my mom after work. It was fun!   Shortly after we got home from being out with mom, we ended up going back out in the chilly weather to have our late dinner at Crabby Joe’s. I was really craving for their fabulous wraps and we didn’t feel like having dinner at home tonight.  The rest of the evening, we watched a bit of Doom, and relaxed before bed.  

 Saturday has arrived today.  I had gone to my 3rd meeting this morning of   W. W. with mom. Lost 1 pound… Go me! So 4 pounds lost in total so far for the two weeks I’ve been with W.W (I’m now on my 3rd)! I’m psyched. Very awesome results!  I’m still motivated to lose more too! Since Isaiah had last nite off, he works until 10:15 PM tonite(it stinks!). So at home, it’s just the kitties and me. So far, it has been somewhat of a     relaxing day at home and doing housework stuff. Earlier, I was   dancing to The Boots Are Walkin’ Video (yup, the sexy Jessica: D) LOL. Still trying to be a dancing’ bombshell in that 😉 I don’t think there’ll be much to report for the rest of today.  Isaiah and I will probably have our cuddle time and more watching of the movie, Doom before retiring to dreamyland again.


Anyway, that’s all that’s crazily new. Yes, not so much excitement as to earlier this week, but ah well.  I do foresee that this coming week and all of March will be even CRAZIER and more exciting stuff to do too! So you guys will have hold your horses until the next blog… Enjoy your weekend, precious ones!  Oh yes, kitties have their own birdwatching territory.  Sherlock has his in the kitchen windowstill where as the affectionate Husky has his in their kitty room windowstill/Isaiah’s dresser beside the window. Very cute! I almost forgot.. my mole update.. I finally heard back from my determagolist.. the mole that was tested Jan 25.. came back NEGATIVE!!!! YAY… I"m cancer free and all… I can relax! hehe. Seriously… 2 mole scares in 6 years! It’s insane!


Ta ta for now!






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