Hi Everyone!!!!


It’s mid-february (so obvious!) and we are now at 16 weeks away from our wedding!!! It’s really coming fast!!!! I know you guys want me to process in the latest news of me and my life. Read on!


Sunday was a relaxing day basically. We later had dinner & visit with Mom & Dad-. It was a good visit. Better than last week!  That’s for sure!  Shadow is really becoming more of an affectionate kitty now (like my own Sherlock who has been affectionate from the beginning!). I love it!


Monday turned out to be a really busy day at work. This was because Tammy 2 was sick all day.  Isaiah picks me up at the end of the day (he had the day off). Aww, a sweetheart! We then had our meeting with our church musician (Mark David) for the ceremony. Finally, we’ve picked out good songs to be played during the ceremony.  I can’t wait for the big day!!!!   Then, we went to my parents for a little bit.  We are officially done with the invitations finally.  Picked out the style, wording, and etc.  He he, after being on this since December…. Heck of a while! So it’s now going to be ordered on Wednesday.


A few hours later, it’s Tuesday aka Valentine’s Day!!!!!! Dad gets us Sutton ladies a rose each.  Aww! He he, 13th rose for me (I got 12 on Saturday from Isaiah).   Nothing really special in the evening, since Isaiah worked until 10:15 and got home 10:30. However, we did just spent some time together and watched a bit of Just Like Heaven before going to sleep. Enough said!  Also, this was to have been Niko’s 10th birthday. I hope he celebrates it with all the other doggies up in heaven. I miss him!


Wednesday aka today consists of nothing special to report here really. Just looking forward to Friday night. Isaiah will have it off but he’ll have to work Saturday. duh oh! 



Anyways, hope you guys have been having a good week, and that it ends on a sweet note!  Keep smiling and keep reaching for the stars!







About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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