2006 Romance Weekend! :)


Hi Everyone!!!!


Hope you all are having a great weekend so far.  hehe, it’s been a good love fest tonight hehe! 🙂 Anyway, so here’s the latest dibs! Enjoy!


On Thursday night, I went to the Knights hockey game at the JLC with the Sutton Ladies! It was fun!!!! New memories!  Unfortunately, Kitchener won… oh well!

 After work on Friday, I obtained the beloved Lexus from Mom. I really enjoyed being able to drive again! I had most of the evening with Carol and her cousin Tania. We went shopping, and saw Final Destination 3 movie. It was pretty good.  Carol and I hung out for a bit on our own after dropped off Tania.  I went home for a bit.  Then I randomly decided to visit Sarah, one of my best friends from childhood for a little bit. I called her up and checked to make sure she was home before I went over though. She was surprised LOL.  It was a great visit even though it was only for about an hour. I hadn’t seen her in like forever so but we’ve kept in touch.  I don’t remember when was the last time, but I do know it was more than a year. : S. I know. We both have busy lives, and things keep changing. Anyway, we probably get together more often. I hope to see her at least a couple more times before the wedding.  Her and her boyfriend Bill are expecting though… due in September. They both are still coming to the wedding though.  She would be showing though. I don’t care. As long she’s able to be there to share our special day. 🙂


Saturday aka today hits home and I am still having the car!! I began my second week of W.W. with Mom… lost 3.4 pounds the first week! YAY!!! GO me! I’m going to keep going!  Still have ways to go! Later, I had my hair appt—went really well. Found a style I liked and sported for dinner tonight. Took pictures. I’m enclosing the one i took from the webcam in this blog! 🙂 Still have to wait for the actual pictures .Sorry, film still not done in the camera. Afterwards, with my hair still done up, I went with the guys (Isaiah, Alan and Scott)  for their tuxes fitting (yeah, FINALLY!) and chose what they were wearing.  Loving it! All of them are doning black tuxes. Silver vest for Isaiah and navy blue vest will be donned on the rest of the guys.in the wedding party. Later, we finally had our anticipated  v-day dinner at Michaels on Thames!!! Really romantic. I love the restaurant itself.  Servers were amazing. Cooked dinner in front of us, and everything .We had a picture taken by the fireplace (I bought my camera).  We’re thinking of going back later this year, possibly for my birthday or our first 6 months mark of our marriage in November. We’ll see!   Afterwards, came home to change and went to White oaks Mall.  Picked up my photos (Isaiah had dropped off my previous roll that was finished a couple weeks ago) and got our passport pics taken and um got some more DVDs… too addicted: S.  Shortly after, we took the Lexus back to my parents and had a over an hour visit with the family. It was nice. We’re still having dinner with them tomorrow night.  Everyone really liked my hair and I do too. It’s definitely a possible style for the wedding =). We are now home. We are going to stay up longer by watching a couple movies before going to bed.  We have the day to ourselves tomorrow before seeing my parents again for dinner (we’re not going there until like 5ish PM).  Oh yes of course, i got my dozen (12!) red roses from Isaiah… AWWWW! 🙂 Also, he paid for our romantic dinner tonight!!


Anyway, hope you all have a fantastic night, and more juices will follow in a few days. Hope the weekend ends on a good note!








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2 Responses to 2006 Romance Weekend! :)

  1. Micaela says:

    Hey Julie! your hair looks soooo pretty! I\’m sure you and Isaiah had a blast at Michaels on the Thames. Maybe someday someone will invite me there…haha. That\’s great that you got to spend time with Carol, I haven\’t seen that girl since like new years and i haven\’t seen YOU in even longer. Unfortunately I won\’t be going home for a few weeks but we should talk. Sounds like wedding plans are well underway, SO EXCITING!
    Talk to you soon!
    Micaela xoxo

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