Beautiful Gems! :)

Hey My Precious Ones! 


Hope this week has been peachy good to  you guys! Yes, I still totally hate the snow. I hope it disappears by the weekend. I would TOTALLY love that! So yes, people.. let’s make that miracle happen! 🙂 


So you called for new updates on the sizzling Jules of her crazy universe?  Okay dokie, you got your wishes, genies!  


Sunday brought forth us going to church  at St. Mike’s (we also met with our ceremony musician after mass to discuss a bit of the music for our wedding… another meeting is set for Mon Feb 13th!!!!)  and having a really short brunch with my parents. Honest, it went okay. Not the greatest visit (long story) but it was still nice to see the family.  I really missed Niko being there.  No wonder.  Afterwards, we had a late afternoon visit and dinner with Isaiah’s parents. That itself was totally great!  Isaiah’s stepsister Ashley was there.  She’s my junior bridesmaid in the wedding.  Isaiah, Ashley and myself got to play a few games of Mario Kart on the Game cube!  Violet mentioned about all of us going bowling the next time we have dinner with them. That’ll be rockin’ fun!!  It’s been a while that we’ve done that with them.  The last time was sometime last year.. in the summer maybe? Lastly,   We were home around 8ish.  We were really tired, and everything. Watched part of The Island and went to bed really early. I fell asleep around 10, and Isaiah stayed up for an extra hour playing on the XBOX and went to sleep himself (11PM). I had a really good sleep.


Monday turned out to be a really  busy day the office.  Deals coming in like crazy!  Kathy took me to the doc afterwards to get my stitches out of my mole that was done up over 10 days ago (when I went to my determagolist –Jan 25).  All good now. Heehee.  I get to spend another night with Isaiah tonight! Love it!  Isaiah got his shift changed just for the month or until the whole company changes shifts all around.  So he now has Monday, Friday and Sunday off, but he has to work this Friday because he already had booked Saturday off for our v-day dinner and stuff (AWW, I so can’t wait… i’ll  have my hair done, donning in my red dress, and everything!!!) so I’ll be spending this Friday with my best friend, Carol J Hope it still is happening! Heehee! Tonight, I had a super awesome conversation on MSN with Carol. I love her to bits!


Tuesday brings nothing special to report: P However, I just requested to mom about using the Lexus for this coming weekend. I hope I can have the car for the whole time! That would rock so much!!!! I just had my shows of GG.. and before that ,I watched Sex & the City. Hehe. I’ve watched that show for forever.  I should get it on DVD sometime. They’re expensive though!


Wednesday aka today once again shares nothing special to report either.  Just really looking forward to the hockey game tomorrow night! I found out earlier that Mom said that I could have the car Friday night and Saturday during the day.  Let’s see if she’ll warm up as well to me having it for Sat night and Sunday as well (we’re seeing them for dinner Sunday night!). At least I’ll get to drive when I see Carol on Friday night, just I’ll just have to swing by the parents after work to get the car first! 🙂 I can’t wait for Friday to come now!!!! Hehe!


Anyway, that’s all that’s beautifuly new of my life! Enjoy your evening and that the rest of the week ends on good treats! Hehe!








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