Cozy Weekend :)

Hi Peeps!


Hope the rest of your week’s been treating you so good!  I really dislike today’s weather. It’s pure shit, no kidding!  Ah well. So anyway, some warm notes from Jules on her recent days.


Thursday was just an ordinary day really.  Honest, nothing special to report… really. Mainly TV night for me at home… CSI and ER!  But.. good news from work! 🙂 I found out on this day that one of the Sutton agents, Dean K is treating all of us Sutton staff ladies to the JLC to watch the Knights play next Thursday (February 9). We’ll be in one of those boxes that are above the club seats.  It’ll be really fun. We’ve never been all together before at a hockey game. So yes, definitely interesting. Tammy 1 is coming too and so is my mom! J So those of us are going is me, Kathy, Pat, Suz, Tammy 1, Tammy 2 (she’s the temp replacement of Tammy 1 while she’s on Maternity leave), and my mother, Karen. Oh yes, we had our kitchen painted. It looked like it was needed of fresh paint. So we had a painter here today and Friday.  The walls are now a lighter blue than the original blue that was there before (a little darker). The cabinets are now creamy-white sandy colour.  It looks really good. We could get the rest of the place painted if we wanted to BUT.. we have so much junk around and everything. Too much for moving stuff around temporarily. So we’ll have to wait until we really have our OWN house, then we can totally go crazy with colour and everything. I can’t wait for the day we get to do that.  I’ll be so excited!



Friday had another bit of excitement at work. Tammy 1 came to the office with Jasmine again!!! I got to hold her for a while too! She’s so beautiful! J    Isaiah was home (night off from working)…. So great night together at home… I got to watch Dukes of Hazzard with him (one of my fave xmas presents!).. Yay, Jessica 😉 Seriously, she is one of the celebs I want to meet someday. She’s only like 3 years older than me. That rocks and she’s so freaking sexy! If she ever comes to London or at least Toronto to do a concert, I want to go see her.  That’d be a gift idea for birthday or Christmas or even my wedding if it ever happens this year ;).   Also a bit more of Niko’s news. The vet had Niko’s ashes ready by this day. My mother picked "him" up in this casket in the afternoon.  We’ve offically decided as a family when we’re going to spread the ashes. Originally, I thought, it was going to be shortly after we got the casket but it’s not the case . We’re going to do this at Easter time.  Really fitting really.  It’s a time of new life, being reborn, and etc. Hope it’s very true for Niko for where he is now.  Also, Easter was the occasion of welcoming Niko to our family 10 years ago (1996). NIko’s birthday is Feb 14 (V-day). So yeah, easter it is for this little ceremony.


Saturday aka today has been an interesting day.      Weight Watchers—interesting. My mom and I are in this program for 12 weeks. I want to go back to the weight I was at when I left high school almost 5 years ago. I was at 125 then, and that’s a really good weight for me. I know there’s a chance I might not get that far in time for the wedding, but at least, I’ll have lost some weight by that special day though! Aftewards, Moma nd I talked more about invitations and etc.  Then.. it was grocery shoppping time. It was interesting really but it’s more due to the weather turning shit. Snowing like CRRRRAAAZY! I totally depsite this weather!!! I want our beautiful weather, that’s been sporting around London for the past few weeks (aside from the on/off rain showers).  Once we were done, we went to   White oaks mall to do some shopping—got some new DVDs, and Isaiah’s early v-day gift. Nothing too romantic really. Just some more of those PJ pants that Isaiah really likes, socks, and a couple DVDs. His v-day gift to me is that he’s paying for the romantic dinner at Thames and red roses which both will happen next Saturday night!!! We are home for the rest of the night. Weather too shitty to do anything tonight, even with the guys too. So we watched a couple of the new DVDS we bought at White Oaks. 1) Wedding Crashers–this is a MUST SEE–really hilarious, those of you who collect DVDS, this is one you should HAVE! 2) Flight Plan–good movie! 🙂 Went to bed after the movies.


Anyway, so that’s all that’s exciting and new. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend despite the weather!  Be sexy! 😉






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