What A Weekend!

Hi Guys! Here I am with weekend highlights! So read on!


Thursday….   I was at work until 6 PM.. yeah, another extra hour! Here’s some Kitties update…they weren’t allowed food as soon I get home and no water after midnight (surgery Friday); they were pretty good for most of the night. Although, there was quite bit of meowing after midnight.  Pretty mad by the next morning! *grumbles*


Friday…  Kitties had their surgery–declawing and neutering during the day. However they had to have an overnight stay at the vet for precautional reasons. miss them!  Isaiah drove me to work that morning. Such a sweetheart! It’s rare that I’ll get a ride to work by my soon to be husband!  I end up staying at work until close (6 PM). Tammy 2 was sick and I felt that I should help out right to the end.  I’m getting more confident every time I stay until close, and feeling more responsible! Rest of friday had me being home all night, basically.


Saturday….  We picked up our kitties in the AM from the vet—they are OKAY! Wonderful to hear! 🙂 Their vet found no problems with them, very well behaved too. That looks good on us. Makes us feel we’re GOOD parents!!! Love it. They seem to be okay since we’ve brought them home… and oh, we were told, they are allowed to eat adult food already (that’s early! I thought that we’d have to wait until they turned one year old in August, but I guess not!). So we’re going to wait until they finish the rest of their “kitten” food, and then we’ll be buying the new adult food for them. Most likely this coming Saturday is when they’ll have their new food.  

 Tuxes stuff-really searched a few places. We really like the store where my dress is (they do tuxes too (my dress is upstairs, tuxes are the main floor). So now we’ll probably make an deposit with them Monday over the phone and probably set up for a fitting in three weeks to get the orders going for the guys.

Our Wedding Registry is mostly done at one of our favorite places, and a couple others. We really got A LOT accomplished! So we’re happy about that! 

Afterwards, we went to dinner at Kelsey’s before finally heading home. So tired. Been up since 8:30!  We got home 8 PM! Yes! Long day eh!We stayed in for the remainder of the evening… pure relaxation! 🙂 


Sunday….We celebrated Grandma B’s BD in Rockwood (Uncle Marks) with the whole Bialkowski clan (mom’s family).  She turned 85 earlier this month on the 14th! We had taken Niko (family dog) with us.   It was a great turnout. Got some pictures.

  However, we had an SAD and unexpected outcome on the way home. Dylan, Sarah, Isaiah and myself were heading back to London with the family dog, Niko while Dad, Mom and Alex were heading to Windsor for Alex’s hockey game.   

Well, half way through the trip home, and we stopped originally in Waterloo for Tim Horton’s, and went to a gas station to get some money out of an ATM. Niko unexpectedly passed away! Don’t know how or why.  Sarah opened the door, and Niko just fell to the car’s floor (he had been in the backseat with Isaiah and I the whole trip). So Very shocking! However, since Niko was about 5 years old, he’s had a bad heart, and he’s been taking pills daily (AM & PM) to help him function and keep him from getting dehydrated especially in the summer time.

 We had to make an emergency call to Mom to let her know about Niko. Alex isn’t going to be happy. It’s not the first time a pet has died in our family.  Two years ago (March ’04), Ozzy Paws (2 ½ year old cat) was hit by a car on one of the wintery nights outside (he really loved the outdoors) and when we found him in the next morning a couple houses away , he was frozen *shivers*.  In Sept of 2000, Snowball (cat) of 15 years passed away naturally in the driveway lying in the sun (as he loved to do). So, this sucks big time! So we made a stop at Mom & Dad’s as soon we got to London and wrapped Niko up in his doggy bed with a blanket over him in the garage.  I made one last final farewell to Niko. 


 RIP Niko Midnight Sworik! Niko was a few days short of his 10th birthday (born in 1996) on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th). So, I’m hoping NOTHING happens to Shadow (the current family kitty) for a few years.  I know my parents won’t be getting any more pets for a while.  I’ve literally made a decision that our own kittens, Sherlock and Husky will always be indoors cats tonite. I’ve been back and forth on the decision ever since we got them in October of last year, whether if we should have them outdoors once we do have our own house and I’m just like, no. I’ve had too many pet deaths within 6 years time.  


Anyway, we’re back home, and we’re just relaxing for the rest of the night. Taking it easy. Niko will be watching over us now. We’ve been such a good family to the beautiful black standard poodle for so long. So that’s all the news for now.  There’ll be more news in Jules’ life in a few days. Hope you guys had a good weekend!



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