Sweet Wednesday!!! :)

Hi Everyone!!

Estatic Jules here. You’ll know why in a moment. MOst of the exciting news is from TODAY though! 🙂 Hope you guys have been having a good week so far too! *HUGS*  Okay, here are the new updates!

Monday … I visited Isaiah at work. As always, wonderful to see him!

Tuesday….  Work until 6 PM. Extra hour than normal. No big deal.


Wednesday—Day off from Work For Julie & Isaiah!

Ø     Determagolist (sp?)  Appt (acne)—went fine. However during the visit, doc noticed a mole below my left breast (well I pointed out), and she wanted to get it tested. So please pray, that things are fine!!! Thanks. This is a worry I will have for 2 weeks or so until I find out.  I had an irregular mole (on my back) when I was 16, and I was a nutcase. Thank goodness, it came back negative so let’s hope it’s the same result for this one! Weird, 6 years later….

Ø     Meeting with our pastor, Father Jim (1:30)—went well. Got questions answered for our wedding, and brought home a reading booklet (so that we can choose which readings to be read at our wedding and etc). We’re most likely seeing him again after we have our marriage prep weekend at St. Pats the end of February and we’ll do the paperwork that St. Mike’s needs.

Ø     We went with my mom to see our cake lady, Linda. She’s awesome! We love her. She’s doing our cake for $170. Reasonable price!  There’s this cake that we’ve liked from Cakewalkers but they have it for $315. So this lady is doing the same cake for us but for LESS! J So that rocks more!  She was so amazing. Asked what we wanted on it, and the filling and how the cake would be set up and blah. It’s just fabulous! I can’t wait to see it on our wedding of the outcome! J

Ø     Isaiah got the night off, so he’s been with me for most of the day (just except for the morning appt with the doc). Love it. Again, you all know I barely see him during the week with his insane shift of 4 until 12:45 AM. So I’m so happy he got to be there for the priest and the cake meeting J. We also had Swiss Chalet dinner tonight (ordered in) and watched Red Eye (one of the movies we had bought last weekend!)

The 27th’s coming up in TWO days.  That’s right!  The 4-month countdown to the most amazing, romantic and memorable day of our lives; OUR WEDDING!!!!!  So fast now! I love how things are coming together, and everything. More wedding stuff this weekend—doing more of our registry stuff, deciding on tuxes and the like!

Anyway, that’s about all the news for now.  I’m sure there’ll be an entry probably sometime Saturday night or Sunday. Either way, you’ll get more exciting dibs of Jules’s life! J Hehe! Enjoy the rest of your week! I know I will! Heehee!




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