Sunday Coolness! :)

Hi Everyone!!!! 🙂 Hope you all had a great weekend!!!!! Here are my weekend juices for you guys to read on!  🙂

Friday recalled of nothing special at work.  Left work ½ hour early again. Kingsmill’s with Mom to look at some good dishes (there’s a particular brand that I really love: D).  We also checked out Zena’s to look at dresses again for Mom.  There’s this particular one that she likes but she’s going to think about it. I was home for the rest of the night

Saturday had me having a great sleep in… 1 PM!!! Whoo-hoo! LOL.   Mom came over in the afternoon. Talked more about invitations, and other wedding stuff.  She was here for about an hour or so. Great visit.  Alan and Scott come over and chill out with Isaiah and me for a while in the evening. Later we had our movie night… 5 of us (me, Isaiah, Scott, Alan and Gus). Oh yeah!  The GUYS and me!  Yes, note:  the only girl wink I feel so special! .  Been a while, since us 4some have hung out together (last time was for Isaiah’s birthday which was back in Dec).  I rode with Alan and Gus to the movie and for food later. Yeah, I have this thing when I ride with the guys; I have to be in the front seat, not the back. Just part of whom I am. Don’t ask why, really. J We ended up seeing Underworld. Pretty good.  Gus and I really want to see Brockback Mountain (I know I’m close to spelling the name of it anyway: P).  So maybe another night will happen again. The guys and me and the movies!  Afterwards, we all went to Grilled place. So yeah, very breakfast style, and it’s all day/night. Yummy stuff. Again, I rode there with Alan and Gus. After that, Scott took Isaiah and me home.  Real fun night by all! J  We were home around 2:30 A.M. Hehe!

Sunday is today… We got our grocery shopping done. Yay. Enough food for the next two weeks.  We went to Masonville mall to go shopping. I got new work clothes (pants and top) and got pics developed finally from the rest of last month and some of this month. Hehe, took a while! Go have a look in the winter album, kitty, us, and family.  Dinner with Violet & Scott got cancelled so we have been having our night together at home. CSI, movies, and relaxing (online, cuddles and such ;))


Update on Friday where we are having our marriage prep weekend. We had some stressful day on Tuesday.  St. Mike’s group was full and St. Peter’s is not likely having theirs. St. Peter’s is totally TBA so we knew we had to call other churches.  So that was done Friday, and we found three churches that have room for us to join. So we’re going with St. Peter’s the last weekend of February.  At least we’ll be able to do the course, and still get married as planned in May at St. Mike’s.  It’s kind of insane, but it’s mandatory. It’s helpful for a lot of people though with marital stuff and etc. Should be interesting.

I got my hair appt set for Sat Feb 11th for 1 PM.  YAY! Excited. Playing with some possible styles for the May wedding, and will be sporting an up do for that Saturday night since we’ll be out to dinner at Michaels on Thames as our early valentine’s day celebration!

Anyway, that’s it.  Hope this week brings you good peachyness! Hehe. Smile all day and you’ll have good energy all through everything!

Love ya all,



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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